Comic Book Legends Revealed #440

COMIC LEGEND: Angela Bowie lost out on the lead role on the Wonder Woman TV series to Lynda Carter.


Angela Bowie was a model and the first wife of world famous singer/songwriter David Bowie.

Bowie has long told a story of how she tried out for the Wonder Woman TV series, first posing for photographs in a Wonder Woman costume designed by Natasha Korniloff, who designed a number of costumes for David Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust days.

Bowie would explain that she had an awful time at the actual audition, though, with her lack of a bra being an issue and she also had a bad experience with the screenwriter for the project. Also, she later discovered that the whole thing was a ruse by David Bowie's manager to get her in the news so that he could get Johnny Carson to have Angela Bowie on the Tonight Show to ostensibly talk about the Wonder Woman project but really to promote an upcoming concert appearance by David Bowie. The whole thing sounds quite horrid.

Bowie, though, states that even if she had actually been up for the part, that she would have lost out on the role to Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the TV series of the same name...

Bowie, though, is almost certainly mistaken. She appeared on Carson in 1973 to discuss her audition. The Carter series was not in EXISTENCE in 1973. She was then, instead, actually thinking of the 1974 Wonder Woman TV movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby...

The always indispensable Andy Mangels has the full story from Bowie's own words at his awesome Wonder Woman museum here. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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