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Comic Book Legends Revealed #435

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Comic Book Legends Revealed #435

Welcome to the four hundred and thirty-fifth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous four hundred and thirty-four. This week, was Magneto originally going to be the villain in Bloodties? Was there nearly an Asian Batgirl BEFORE Cassandra Cain? Finally, how close did we come to a Waid/Wieringo Aquaman series?

Let’s begin!

NOTE: The column is on three pages, a page for each legend. There’s a little “next” button on the top of the page and the bottom of the page to take you to the next page (and you can navigate between each page by just clicking on the little 1, 2 and 3 on the top and the bottom, as well).

COMIC LEGEND: Magneto was originally going to be the main villain of BloodTies.

STATUS: Just False Enough for a False

This is an interesting legend in that it ties in with two different topical issues. First, the 50th anniversary of the Avengers and X-Men and second, DC’s recent problems with their 3-D covers for Villain’s Month.

Back in 1993, at the THIRTIETH anniversary of the X-Men and Avengers, Marvel had a crossover between the two titles titled Bloodties.

It basically revolved around Cortez, a disgraced member of Magneto’s Acolytes, kidnapping Magneto’s daughter and trying to cause a civil war in Genosha. Meanwhile, Exodus, the new leader of Magneto’s Acolytes, wants to get in there to both kill Cortez for being a traitor AND Luna for disgracing Magneto’s bloodline by being “only” human. Obviously, since Luna is Magneto’s granddaughter and since her parents are the Avenger Crystal and the former Avenger and then X-Factor member Quicksilver, both the Avengers and the X-Men get involved.

However, earlier in 1993, there were drawings for the final Avengers cover, which ultimately featured Exodus…

that seemed to suggest that at first that it was MAGNETO who was going to be the main villain in Bloodties!

So did Bloodties change at the last second?

I asked artist Steve Epting and he explained that no, Bloodties was not changed. In fact, Steve went above and beyond the call of duty and actually went and got his original scripts for the series to see if any changes had been made. They had not.

The issue, instead, was the lead time that it took to produce the foil covers for the story. Just like how DC needed a lot of lead time for their 3-D covers, Marvel began work on the foil covers for Bloodties before they even had a firm plot in place for Bloodties!

Obviously, once they came up with the plot for Fatal Attraction (which ended up with a mind-wiped Magneto)….

Bloodties was written withOUT Magneto, so Epting’s cover had to be adapted to put Exodus in there.

So it’s a tricky one, as technically one version of the story DID have Magneto in it, but the plans were SO preliminary that I don’t think it is fair to say that Magneto was ever part of Bloodties, as Bloodties as a story couldn’t really exist until Fatal Attractions had been settled (as the editor of the X-Men titles, Bob Harras, was also the writer of Avengers, so it wasn’t like he’d be writing his own story without knowing what was going on with the X-Books).

Thanks a lot to Steve Epting for the awesome information and for going way above and beyond in checking the story out!

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On the next page, did John Byrne come up with the idea for an Asian Batgirl first?

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