Comic Book Legends Revealed #433

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This week I did a Comic Book Easter Eggs involving X-Files cameos in comics. Reader Frank W. wrote in to suggest a surprising issue of Animaniacs that just flat-out co-starred Mulder and Scully for a while!

The 1996 issue, written by Dave King, featured artwork by Walking Dead star artist Charles Adlard, who was then best known for his work on the X-Files comic series by Topps...

The Warners step in for the FBI Agents...

and later, Pinky and the Brain have a story involving the FBI's Y-Files, as well...

Finally, our FBI heroes awake...

How bizarre is that?

The difference between this and the Powerpuff Girls/Superman team-up, though, is that both the X-Files and the Animaniacs were licensed comics from Fox Studios while Powerpuff Girls was a Cartoon Network show and not a WB show, so it was a lot easier for this to get approved, I'm sure (and even then, they made sure to give them different names so the whole thing could be covered by parody anyways).

However difficult it was, it was very cool! Thanks for the head's up, Frank!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Okay, that's it for this week!

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