Comic Book Legends Revealed #433


In 2002, the Powerpuff Girls celebrated their 25th issue of their DC Comic book series in style. The editor of the title, the great Joan Hilty, lined up a Murderer's Row of comic book legends to draw pin-ups...

Well, John Byrne was one of these legends for the book. Byrne came up with the idea of the girls teaming up with Superman in their dreams (in their dreams, Byrne would draw them realistic-looking) after Professor Utonium read them from a Superman comic book. Byrne drew the pin-up.

But there was a catch!

Although it was technically a DC comic, it was a LICENSED title, so DC did not feel it proper to mix their characters with the Cartoon Network characters (even though Cartoon Network and DC Comics are both ultimately owned by the same company)) so the pin-up had to be altered to something sans Superman...

Too bad. It's a great pin-up, though, when you know what it SHOULD look like!

Thanks to the great website JohnByrneDraws for the head's up on this one! A lot of great information there. I'm sure other Byrne legends will come from that site!_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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