Comic Book Legends Revealed #431

Welcome to the four hundred and thirty-first in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous four hundred and thirty. This week, we discover how close we came to a romance in the Justice League between Wonder Woman and...Hal Jordan?! Plus, did Marvel staffers really intentionally stack the deck against Jack Kirby in the letters columns of his titles when he returned to Marvel in the mid-70s? Finally, what is the "Secret Cobra Salute"?

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COMIC LEGEND: Wonder Woman and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) were going to date in the late 1970s.


Over the years, Wonder Woman has had some flirtation with Superman...

and also Batman...

but it was not until just recently that she finally actually started dating one of her Justice League teammates, Superman...

Their relationship is even going to continue with a new Superman/Wonder Woman ongoing series...

However, amazingly enough, over thirty years ago, Wonder Woman was going to have a different romance with one of her teammates...Hal Jordan!!!

Despite the two not really having had a whole ton of personal interactions over the years, by the late 1970s, if Wonder Woman was going to have a relationship with a teammate, there wasn't a whole lot of options. Superman had Lois Lane, Green Arrow had Black Canary, Flash, Atom, Elongated Man and Hawkman were all married. The Avengers had broken new ground with human/android inter-relations, but I doubt DC was ready to go there with Red Tornado. So really it was either Batman or Green Lantern and at the time, Jack C. Harris was both writing Wonder Woman and editing Green Lantern, so it seemed like a perfect fit in terms of synchronization.

Apparently, though, a fan then wrote in suggesting that Wonder Woman and Green Lantern start dating and you know how comic book companies are if they feel like someone might claim that they stole an idea, so they backed off the plan. And then Harris was replaced as the writer on Wonder Woman and the whole plan fell apart.

I wonder if it went down if it would have survived Crisis. Would it have become so accepted that it would have made it to the Post-Crisis DC Universe as well?

Thanks to Xum Yukinori for suggesting this one and supplying the letter columns to Wonder Woman #253 and #259 where they laid out the aborted plans and why it didn't go down.

Here are the parts from the two letter columns dealing with it (the first is #253 the second is #259 - both replies by Jack C. Harris):


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