Comic Book Legends Revealed #427

Welcome to the four hundred and twenty-seventh in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous four hundred and twenty-six. This week, did Marvel edit out a photo of Stan Lee posing nude in an 1980s Marvel comic? Did Thor nearly have a spin-off in the mid-1970s? And finally, what's the deal with Charlie Brown's baseball team - did they really NEVER win a game?

Let's begin!

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COMIC LEGEND: Marvel edited a photo of Stan Lee posing nude out of a comic book.


This one is an example of some funny timing. My pal John Trumbull suggested this one to me a little over a year ago and I was all set to run it in a week or so when Sean Howe began doing promotional work for his great Marvel: The Untold Story book that came out last year and he mentioned this story, so I didn't want to run the story as a legend then since I didn't want to step on Sean's promotional efforts. But it's been over a year now, so I think it is fair game!

The story is about the Marvel Fumetti Book from 1984...

The Marvel Fumetti Book was one of a few Direct Market releases Marvel made in the early 1980s that seemed to be geared to the REALLY devoted Marvel fan, as it was a series of stories about the Marvel Bullpen told through "Fumetti," the Italian term for comics that has been used in America to mean "photonovels."

One of the stories involves Joe Rubinstein trying to get the female staffers at Marvel to do a wet T-Shirt contest...

Then there is the aftermath to that little escapade...

Funny gag, right?

However, that's not what the centerfold ORIGINALLY looked like!

Here's the original shot, in all of its glory, before they decided to censor it with the Hulk paste-over...

If only they had used a copy of Giant-Sized Man-Thing to cover him up instead! It could have been the greatest photo ever known to man!

Thanks to John Trumbull for this suggestion! And go buy Sean Howe's book! It is a great read!


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