Comic Book Legends Revealed #425

Welcome to the four hundred and twenty-fifth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous four hundred and twenty-four. This week, were Mark Gruenwald's ashes also mixed in with the ink for a Marvel Comics poster? Was the Venture Brothers originally a comic book? And was a Marvel Avenger's look based on a TV Avenger?

Let's begin!

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COMIC LEGEND: Mark Gruenwald's ashes were also mixed in with a Marvel Comics poster.


The VERY FIRST edition of Comic Book Legends Revealed dealt with the story of how beloved Marvel Comics editor Mark Gruenwald...

had some of his ashes mixed in with the printing of the trade paperback collection of Squadron Supreme (Gruenwald's most famous comic book work).

While that IS true, commenter Tom wrote in the other day to also ask:

I read the urban legend of Mark Gruenwald’s ashes being used in the printing of a comic book. Does anyone know if his ashes were mixed in with the black ink to create a “Spiderman” poster? My wife worked at a printing company (Northeast Graphics) in North Haven, CT and was told the poster was created with the ashes mixed in with the black ink. My wife recalls Mark’s wife visiting the plant but wasn’t sure of the reason for the visit. The plant foreman told my wife that she brought Mark’s ashes to be mixed with the ink to create the “Spiderman” poster.

Amazingly enough, this is ALSO true! I asked the always helpful Tom Brevoort about it, and he said that Gruenwald's ashes were, indeed, mixed in with the ink for a Marvel Universe poster by Claudio Castellini. Tom could not recall the EXACT poster, but the odds are extremely high that it is this late 1990s Castellini poster...

Very cool tribute to a great Marvel creator.

Thanks to Phantom-Longbox for the color version of the poster!

Thanks to Tom Brevoort for the information and thanks to commenter Tom for suggesting it!


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