Comic Book Legends Revealed #418

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You might have seen the news recently that the original Spider-Man 2099 is making a comeback in an upcoming issue of Superior Spider-Man (here's an alternate cover by Olivier Coipel for the issue)...

In an interview with Dave Richards for the upcoming storyline, writer Dan Slott revealed an interesting piece of information...

Richards: Bringing Miguel to the present day Marvel Universe isn't a story you're just jumping into -- you've been planting seeds for a Spider-Man 2099 story for a while. Can you talk about that a bit for our readers who aren't familiar with the Spider-Man 2099 character or may have missed them?

Slott: NO! [Laughs] But I can tell you that somewhere during the "Big Time" era I screwed up and wrote something incorrectly that we later fixed in the trade. If you're an eagle-eyed fan of the "Big Time" era and you compare your comics to your trades, you'll be able to find my flub, which tipped my hand way too early that we were planning a 2099 story.

To set up what Slott is referring to, here's a little info about Spider-Man 2099.

Tyler Stone is the sort of evil head of the Alchemax Corporation in the year 2099.

He is the boss of Miguel O'Hara. Stone hooks Miguel O'Hara on drugs to keep O'Hara compliant to him (as Stone has begun experimenting on humans and he figured O'Hara would object). O'Hara performs an experiment on himself to rid himself of the addiction and succeeds, but also ends up giving himself superpowers. He becomes the new Spider-Man.

Stone is later revealed to probably be Miguel's biological father.

About a decade ago, Frank Tieri introduced an old friend of Tony Stark's named Tiberius Stone (Stone turns out to be a villain - note that Tieri intended no connection to Tyler Stone)...

and then later in that issue...

As an aside, check out the last page of the issue. How odd is that reveal of Stone and Stark's ex-girlfriend? Are they standing up?

Dan Slott eventually had Stone show up working at the same lab Peter Parker went to work for, Horizon Labs (although Stone continued to be a bad guy, working for Kingpin)...

During Spider Island, TWICE Tiberius is referred to as Tyler.

Once in the recaps for Amazing Spider-Man #668...

and then once in Amazing Spider-Man #669...

When the story was collected, the recaps were omitted and the #669 reference was shortened to "Ty."

So there ya go, there was your hint, everyone!


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