Comic Book Legends Revealed #414


The brilliant comic book historian Jim Amash uncovered a fascinating piece of information about Adam Strange's origin which Amash revealed in the introduction to the The Adam Strange Archives back in 2003.

You see, DC had just introduced their Showcase title which featured various brand-new DC characters (or spotlights on existing characters).

As it turned out, DC editorial director Irwin Donenfeld decided that DC was going to introduce two new science fiction heroes. He brought in editors Jack Schiff and Julius Schwartz. The two men were each going to invent a new science fiction hero. One of them was going to be from the future and the other one from the present.

As it turned out, Schiff was given first choice. Schiff decided to go with the future character. Schiff's character was the Space Ranger and he appeared in Showcase #15.

Now "stuck" with a character from the present, Schwartz came up with the idea for Adam Strange, who debuted two issues later...

Schwartz later noted that he was happy that it turned out the way that it did and that had he had first pick, he'd have gone with the present-day hero anyways, but imagine if Schiff had chosen the present day? How different things would have been!

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