Comic Book Legends Revealed #414


Last week I noted how Chris Claremont wrote a year's worth of X-Treme X-Men stories with Beast as a member of his X-Men team before having the character pulled from his book after just three issues were drawn due to Grant Morrison wanting the character in New X-Men.

Naturally, some folks wondered what the deal was. If Claremont and Morrison (and Joe Casey) had, indeed, agreed to divvy up the X-Men, how could Morrison suddenly ask for a character that he had passed on already?

Well, as it turns out, it was because Morrison HIMSELF had a character suddenly become unavailable. I've already written about how Emma Frost was added to Morrison's New X-Men as a replacement for his first choice, Colossus, who had been recently killed off. In the case of Beast, Morrison wanted Moira MacTaggert for the role as the resident scientist in his X-Men run.

However, like Colossus, unbeknownst to Morrison, MacTaggert was on her last legs as she was killed off just months before Morrison took over...

Morrison now needed to replace her scientist role, so he asked for (and was given) Beast instead. Thus, Claremont had to then remove Beast from HIS team.

Thanks to commenter Damien for reminding me of Morrison's manifesto, where he mentions both MacTaggert and Colossus.


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