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I've had a few people ask me about this over the years. It happened back in 2007, when Catfish Bend Casinos in Fort Madison, Iowa announced plans to close down the casino and let go of the 150 employees at the casino. David Steward had worked at the casino in security for about seven years. After the announcement, Steward posted the following Dilbert comic strip on the office bulletin board...

Management was quite offended and after checking the survellience tapes, they discovered that it was Steward who posted the strip. They fired him a few days later. The casino's HR director noted, "Basically, he was accusing the decision-makers of being drunken lemurs. We consider that misconduct when you insult your employer."

Steward countered that he thought it would cheer people up.

Not only was Steward fired, but the company then denied him unemployment benefits over the incident. An administrative judge eventually ruled in Steward's favor, deciding that the incident was an error in judgment and not intentional misbehavior.

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams clearly got a kick out of the incident, including the part about how Steward was, in effect, found not liable due to "stupidity."

He did a week's worth of strips on the incident in 2008. Here are a couple of them...

Funny stuff.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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