Comic Book Legends Revealed #412

Welcome to the four hundred and twelfth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous four hundred and eleven. This week, learn of the aborted X-Men wedding that almost took place outside of the pages of X-Men! Discover whether the Falcon was ever actually a pimp (and what was Steve Englehart's original plan for the Falcon?)! Finally, was a worker seriously fired for posting a Dilbert comic strip at work?

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COMIC LEGEND: Cyclops and Jean Grey were originally going to get married in the pages of X-Factor.


It was 1990 and things were changing dramatically in the X-Office. It was soon becoming evident that Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio would be given the reins of the X-Men books, Portacio with Uncanny X-Men and Lee with a brand-new X-Men title.

Before he took over Uncanny X-Men, though, Portacio had a short run on X-Factor, co-plotting and penciling the title. I guess he wanted to make his short run memorable, because his plan for X-Factor #66 was to have Jean Grey and Scott Summers get married (It is worth noting that don't actually know the exact date that it was determined that he'd move from X-Factor to Uncanny, so perhaps when he began his run on X-Factor he didn't know it was only going to be five or so issues and maybe he thought it was going to be longer)

The plan was to have Apoclaypse and the Marauders crash the happy union. The future Askani clan would be introduced in the story, as well.

However, Marvel's then Editor-in-Chief Tom DeFalco soon stepped in and suggested that such an event really should take place in the pages of X-Men, and since Portacio was taking over Uncanny X-Men ANYways, the event should be moved to that title (heck, perhaps this was when they decided that Portacio would GET Uncanny X-Men in the first place!).

So instead, Portacio's plot was adjusted (with help by writer Chris Claremont) to the story that eventually saw print, which turned out to be a major storyline in X-Factor #65-68 where Cyclops' son, Nathan, was sent into the future with the Askani clan, who did end up being part of the plot (Nathan would eventually became Cable). The Askani plot, though, was going to happen no matter what.

Here is all that is left from that original plot, Portacio and Jackson Guice's cover for X-Factor #66 (printed in Marvel Vision #19, with the "Greatest Comics Never Seen" part added in...

Of course, Jean and Scott ended up getting married in X-Men #30 three years later

...two years after Portacio had left the X-books to help co-found Image Comics.


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