Comic Book Legends Revealed #407


Once people get an idea in their head, they just won't let it out, no matter how often you tell them that they're wrong. This was the case with a mysterious character who people have consistently insisted was a Peanuts character, a fellow who walked around with a cloud over his head but was NOT the character of Pig-Pen, who was followed by a cloud of dust.

The Peanuts museum gets constant questions about this guy and even when they tell them that there is no such Peanuts character, they KEEP BELIEVING IT!!

Derrick Bangs, though, has the answer.

It is Joe Btfsplk, from Al Capp's L'il Abner.

As you can see from above, he doesn't even LOOK like a Peanuts character! However, once it is in someone's head that they remember something (especially from their childhood), you're not going to sway them from their belief!

Thanks once again, Derrick, for rooting out the Peanuts misinformation!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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