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If you are familiar at all with the game of cricket, you know that the players who bat are called batsmen (or batsman, in the singular).

Recently, a British company decided to try to trademark the term for a line of cricket-related merchandise.

Can you guess who took issue with that?

Yep, DC Comics, who has a European trademark for the term "Batman," argued that Batman is SUCH a distinctive mark that even in an entirely different context, even one that lends itself so much to cricket as the term "Batsman" does, that consumers would still believe that the product was referring (and thus, was endorsed by) to Batman. So they wanted to cancel the other company's Batsman trademark.

And guess what?

DC Comics WON.

Reader Jess H. wrote in with an article that he worked on for the decision that a British judge ruled that the Batman trademark was do distinctive that there would be confusion with DC's Batman, even with cricket fans, so DC Comics won and the cricket company was out of luck.


Thanks so much to Jess for the head's up! Talk about topical! It JUST happened the other day!


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