Comic Book Legends Revealed #396

Welcome to the three hundredth and ninety-sixth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. This week, learn what surprising place had the first comic book appearance of Nintendo's Mario, discover the bizarre secret of the Bearriers and marvel at Walter Simonson fighting alongside Luke Skywalker!

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Let's begin!

COMIC LEGEND: Nintendo's Mario made his first comic book appearance during Valiant's early days.


The company that eventually became the Valiant Comics we all knew and loved from the 1990s began doing licensed comics, including Wrestling comics...

and also what was called the "Nintendo Comic System," a series of licensed comics based on Nintendo's stable of characters, like Captain N...

Link from Legend of Zelda...

and, of course, Mario...

Most folks believe this to be Mario's first comic book appearance.

However, did you know that Mario actually debuted in comics YEARS earlier?

You see, in 1983, Marvel (never one to look a gift fad in the mouth) did a video game magazine called Blip (similar to their equally oddball magazine effort, Pizzazz, which I've featured here in the past)

Here are some sample pages...

And sure enough, there is a comic inside the issue with Mario's FIRST comic book appearance...

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