Comic Book Legends Revealed #392

Welcome to the three hundredth and ninety-second in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. This week, it is a special "Addendum" week of Comic Book Legends Revealed. Each of this week's three legends are riffing off a past column, whether it be a CBLR column or a different Comics Should Be Good column. Did DC Comics actually call Hellblazer "Hellraiser" at first? Was Bucky O'Hare based on the Star Wars character Jaxxon? Where did the idea of Alfred raising Bruce Wayne surprisingly first appear?

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Let's begin!

COMIC LEGEND: DC was originally going to call Hellblazer "Hellraiser."

STATUS: Basically True

Two weeks ago, in a spotlight Comics Should Be Good column on Hellblazer (which now looks kind of silly, since I went on about how Hellblazer was the longest-running DC or Marvel comic that had never been canceled or rebooted. I guess I jinxed things, eh?), I mentioned how Jamie Delano initially suggested that they title the new John Constantine ongoing series "Hellraiser," but since there was a popular film with that name that had just been released, DC said no. At the time, I noted that Delano did not know if DC ever actually decided to use the idea before changing it or if they just dismissed it out of hand. I didn't know, either. Luckily, you folks DID know. A few of you mentioned that you were sure you had seen the name used, but only Keith Richard actually sent me proof.

From Amazing Heroes #118...

From Amazing Heroes #120...

Finally, from Amazing Heroes #124...

So while it was never specifically Hellraiser without an S, close enough!

Thanks for the info, Keith!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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