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Comic Book Legends Revealed #381

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Comic Book Legends Revealed #381

COMIC LEGEND: Chris Claremont planned to explain Kitty Pryde’s absence during his second X-Men run.


One of the stranger seemingly abandoned comic book plotlines came in Chris Claremont’s second X-Men run when, in his first issue, (X-Men #100), Kitty Pryde uses armor from one of the Neo (the bad guys Claremont introduced in that issue) for a daring escape and is presumed dead…

(it seemed at the time as though Claremont was doing an homage to Jean Grey’s sacrifice at the end of the first X-Men #100)

She never shows up again during his second run on the books, although she does pop up in his X-Treme X-Men eventually.

As it turned out, it was a case of editorial changing Claremont’s story after it was too late to change the first part.

As Claremont later recalled:

My idea was to establish Kitty as a subplot that would run through the conclusion of the Neo arc, around (X-Men vol.2) #104-105, and then move center stage. Then, (the X-Men) go after Kitty. When the arc structure got nuked by the editorial decision to reunite the two books and teams in July, to coincide with the movie, the Kitty arc was shifted over to a stand-alone mini-series (X-Men: Shadowcat – Captains Courageous) which would cast Kitty and a team of Captains as a kind of pan-temporal S.W.A.T. team, dealing with crises on alternate Earths and serve as the foundation/springboard for a possible new ongoing series.

The Captains Courageous mini-series was based on an idea Claremont was going to do with Nightcrawler back when Claremont was working on Excalibur. He didn’t get a chance to do it then, and, as it turned out, he didn’t get a chance to do it this second time, either. Claremont continued:

We had plots, we had an artist (Lee Moder) but then the green light turned orange after Labor Day and the whole shebang fell into turnaround Hell. I have further plans for Kitty and assorted other characters, and for the macro-story I set out to tell in her series, but I’m leery of talking about them too far in advance for fear I’ll jinx the concepts.

In the end, Claremont had to throw in a bit in his last issue where Viper just basically tells Wolverine, “Trust me, Kitty is still alive.”

She showed up in the next issue, which was written by Scott Lobdell. He explains that Kitty has moved on, but does not explain what she was doing in the missing time. The missing time in Kitty’s life has never been explained.

Thanks to Chris Claremont, Cinescape and Michael C.T. Andersen for the information!

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