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Comic Book Legends Revealed #363

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Comic Book Legends Revealed #363

Welcome to the three hundredth and sixty-third in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. This is a special All-Psylocke edition of Comic Book Legends Revealed! Today, learn whether Psylocke was meant to die during the Psi-War, discover what the deal was with Psylocke and Cyclops’ flirtations back in the day and marvel at how a missing issue of Uncanny X-Men led to a tangled piece of Psylocke continuity.

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Let’s begin!

COMIC LEGEND: Marvel editorial nixed Fabian Nicieza’s plans for Cyclops and Psylocke to have an affair (psychic or otherwise)


Reader Ben R. (and I believe someone else…I can’t seem to find the other e-mail in my files) asked if the long-running sub-plot in the pages of X-Men of the flirtation between Psylocke and Cyclops that Fabian Nicieza wrote (which was never consummated) was nixed by Marvel editorial.

Here is a glimpse of the long-running plot (that began when Jim Lee showed Cyclops checking Psylocke out in her bathing suit in X-Men #8)…

X-Men #12 (Nicieza’s first issue as the writer of the book)…

X-Men #17….

later in X-Men #17….

X-Men #20….

later in X-Men #20….

Cyclops leaves the title for a couple of issues to clear his head and returns in X-Men #24…

Cyclops and Jean marry in X-Men #30….

So, what was the deal? Did Nicieza have an affair storyline planned that Marvel killed when they decided that the two should get married? It would certainly not be the first time that editorial stepped in on a story that an X-writer was doing and it would not be the first time that editorial forced a wedding on the creative team of a comic.

I asked Nicieza about it, and he explained that while he certainly had plenty of stories that were squelched by editorial for one reason or another, that one was not one of them. The intent all along was for the Psylocke story to be part of the impetus to drive Scott and Jean to get married.

Thanks a lot for the info, Fabian! And thanks for the question, Ben (and whoever else asked about it)!

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On the next page, was Psylocke originally meant to die during Psi-War?

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