Comic Book Legends Revealed #349

Welcome to the three hundredth and forty-ninth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Today, marvel at the bizarre awesomness that is the Adventures of Superpup, discover the background of the X-Men villain S'ym and learn whether Alpha Flight's Wild Child was intended to be Sabretooth's son!

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Let's begin!

COMIC LEGEND: DC produced a pilot for a series starring little people dressed as dogs as "The Adventures of Superpup."


A few weeks back I wrote about Whitney Ellsworth's attempt to follow up the success of the Adventures of Superman TV series with an Adventures of Superboy TV series in the early 1960s. That, however, was not Ellsworth's first attempt to follow up The Adventures of Superman's success.

In 1958, Ellsworth produced a pilot for a new program that actually used the same sets as the Adventures of Superman. Which would make sense, I suppose, as it was the Adventures of...SUPERPUP!

Using little people actors in dog costumes, this series told the story of mild-mannered reporter Bark Bent (yes, Bark Bent!) who worked at the Daily Bugle (even though this pilot never aired on TV, I am still going to assume that Stan Lee somehow used it as the basis for where Spider-Man worked).

His boss there was Terry Bite...

And his love interest (and fellow reporter) was...Pamela Poodle?!?

How do you just name her Pamela Poodle?

I guess that beats the villain, Professor Sheepdip, though...

Here is a black and white shot of Superpup in action...

SOMEHOW, this pilot was not picked up to be made into a series. So very sad. ________________________________________________________________________________________

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COMIC LEGEND: The X-Men villain S'ym was based on Dave Sim.


Reader R. Lewis asked a question a few months back that I've gotten a few times over the years.

What is the history (true or false) behind the rumor that the X-Men character S'ym was based off of Dave Sim's character, Cerebus??

Dave Sim's Cerebus the Aardvark began as a parody of Marvel's Conan the Barbarian comic books...

Over time, it developed into an extremely literate commentary on religion, politics, love, life and everything in between. In the first 40-50 issues, though, the satire tended to be a bit broader and a bit geared more towards comic book culture (not that the comic book satire did not continue as the book continued, it was just much less a feature of the comic).

In Cerebus #24, Sim parodied X-Men writer Chris Claremont...

Roughly a year later, in Uncanny X-Men #160 Claremont and artists Brent Anderson and Bob Wiacek returned the favor by introducing a demon villain named S'ym who vaguely resembles Cerebus...

A few issues later, in the letter pages of Uncanny X-Men #164, they confirmed that it was, indeed, a reference to Cerebus...

There ya go, R. Lewis (and others)!________________________________________________________________________________________

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COMIC LEGEND: Wild Child was originally intended to be the son of Sabretooth.

STATUS: I'm Going With False

Reader Arthur Kidd wrote in with a bunch of suggestions awhile back, and one of them was that Wild Child was intended to be Sabretooth's kid.

Wild Child made his debut in a cameo in John Byrne's Alpha Flight #1...

before making his full debut in Alpha Flight #11...

Sabretooth debuted in Iron Fist #14, written by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Byrne and Dan Green...

There does not seem to be any intent on Byrne's part, though, to have Wild Child be Sabretooth's son. In fact, when speaking of Wild Child on his message board a few years back, Byrne noted that he specifically introduced Wild Child withOUT a background in mind. His intent was to have Wild Child be a mysterious character whose background could be filled in later. So Wild Child was definitely not originally intended to be Sabretooth's son, and in fact, I don't know if any writer ever decided to fill in that blank over the years, although I would not be surprised at all if someone did. ________________________________________________________________________________________

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