Comic Book Legends Revealed #317

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Almost FIVE years ago, commenter Mark Kalet wrote:

Here’s one that’s not a CD/Marvel crossover but a Peter David crossover: When David was writing both DC’s Star Trek and First Comics’ Dreadstar he ran the same storyline in both books with the visiting characters acting as villains. The Star Trek crew were pretty funny looking as I recall.

In the last two issues of Dreadstar (#63 and #64), the Star Trek crew (in a fashion) definitely did appear in the comic. Here they are...

First, from #63...

And something from #64...

But I don't recall the Dreadstar characters ever appearing in the Star Trek comic. So I asked Peter David about it, and the answer is pretty annoying...

The story never saw print. I wrote the script, and it was great. The artist even started drawing it. And then the Paramount employee who was tasked with overseeing the Trek Comics, a man who shall go nameless (Richard Arnold) shot it down. Not because he realized it was an unofficial Dreadstar crossover (which I would have understood; that would have been, as the British say, a fair cop) but because he declared it to be "too violent."

This despite the fact that the violence actually happened OFF PANEL. You never actually saw anything; you just heard about it. This wound up as the beginning of the end of my tenure on the Trek comic because I became convinced that Arnold had targeted me personally.

Peter then went on to mention some things we've previously touched on in Comic Book Legends Revealed (namely here), but is still quite fascinating (in a sad way).

Particularly since he had rejected an earlier story about Kirk being in a romantic relationship by declaring, "Captain Kirk is no longer interested in women." (Had the abbreviation WTF? been around at the time, that would have been my reaction). So I began to feel as if he was just making stuff up specifically to reject stories of mine. Since the story's late rejection left us a hole in the schedule, I quickly banged out a one-off story that editor Bob Greenberger submitted to Arnold under a pen name, claiming that it was an inventory script he'd commissioned earlier. I made sure that the story had tons of on-panel violence, just as a test. The story was accepted by Arnold in no time flat with no changes, proving the truth to the old saying "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you." I did, however, give Arnold a sporting chance to figure out the script was from me. The pen name I used: "Robert Bruce Banner."

It is a shame! It would have been a cool crossover!

Thanks to Mark for the suggestion (sorry it took YEARS for me to get around to asking Peter David about it) and, of course, thanks to Peter David for the most excellent (if sad) answer!________________________________________________________________________________________

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