Comic Book Legends Revealed #309

COMIC LEGEND: Otto Binder wrote a "scholarly" article about nuclear radiation creating "Homo Superior" in 1953, ten years before X-Men #1!


In 1963, X-Men #1 was released, which was about a group of super-powered mutants. Here, let's see them discuss their powers...

Amazingly enough, this stuff had been written about a decade earlier, in the pages of Mechanix Illustrated, by a famous comic book writer!

Mechanix Illustrated was created by Fawcett Publications in 1928 as an answer to Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. It went by a few different names, graduating from Home Mechanix to Modern Mechanics (in this 1931 issue)....

to Modern Mechanix (later in the 1930s)...

to finally settling on Mechanix Illustrated...

It went by Mechanix Illustrated for the rest of its time at Fawcett, which was 1977. It was purchased by CBS who went back to the original name Home Mechanix in 1984. It was given another name in 1996, Today's Homeowner, before going out of business in 2001.

In any event, the issue at hand came out in 1953, in this tale of the possible effects of nuclear radiation...

Yes, that O.O. Binder is, in fact, the same Otto Binder who was a legendary comic book writer for Fawcett's comic book line and later for DC Comics (he recently appeared on our Top 250 Comic Book Writers and Artists countdown here). And the artwork is done by Kurt Schaffenberger, who also worked for Fawcett for years before going to work for DC for even longer (becoming THE Lois Lane artist).

Crazy stuff.

Thanks to my pal, Loren, who alerted me to this story. You can find the full article here.________________________________________________________________________________________

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