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Reader Patrick P. wrote in last month to ask:

Recently at CBR, we had a thread about Damon Hellstorm, the Son of Satan, and I pointed out that while the Steve Gerber issues were very good (although mostly ignored in favor of his excellent Man-Thing work), the John Warner issues of the Son of Satan monthly were much better. Warner's name only appeared for a brief time in comics during the '70s, but nearly all of his stories were quite good. A few people have suggested that "John Warner" was a pseudonym for Steve Englehart. While I know that Englehart on occasion used the pseudonym "John Harkness", I've never heard that he may have used "John Warner". That said, those Warner stories, particularly in Son of Satan, do have an "Englehart on Dr. Strange" feel. So, who was John Warner? Was he Steve Englehart under another guise, or is he just another good creator who did a little work in the comics medium then moved on?

Well, I honestly couldn't tell you what John Warner is up to nowadays (if someone can, please drop me a line), but I can tell you he is an actual person.

In fact, one of his earliest works at Marvel was scripting Steve Englehart's last issue of Captain America!

Warner wrote the next issue by himself.

He worked on a number of books for Marvel in the 1970s, and then had a long run on Flash Gordon for Gold Key/Whitman, from the late 1970s into the early 1980s.

However, Warner was born five years after Englehart and was working at Warren Publishing while Englehart was busy at Marvel Comics.

In fact, from 1973's Creepy #51, here is John Warner's biography...

Thanks to Patrick for the question!

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