Comic Book Legends Revealed #297


Greg Weisman has had a long and successful career in animation, as both a writer and a producer. He is perhaps most known for the acclaimed TV series, Gargoyles, which he developed and showran.

After the series ended, he even wrote a comic book series continuing the story...

Of course, Weisman was no stranger to comic books, and I don't just mean from his extensive work on animated series based on comics (right now he is producing the Young Justice TV series, for instance), but when he was a very young man, Weisman worked on staff at DC Comics, and in the late 1980s into the early 1990s, he wrote Captain Atom with Cary Bates...

Well, around 1983/1984, when Weisman was roughly 21 years old, he began work on a pitch for a Black Canary mini-series. The pitch was approved and Weisman began work on the four-issue series, with art by comic book veteran Mike Sekowsky. The pace was slow-going, but by 1985, Sekowsky had drawn the first issue and had begun on the second issue.

Weisman planned on tying in with the acclaimed Alan Moore short story featuring Green Arrow and Black Canary, and in Weisman's mini-series, the relationship between Arrow and Canary would progress to the next level. I don't know if he was going to actually go so far as to have them get engaged, but close to it.

However, around this time, comic book great Mike Grell was being drawn to DC Comics by newly minted editor Mike Gold, and Gold pitched Grell on doing with Green Arrow what Frank Miller had done with Batman (Grell had drawn Green Arrow for a time in the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series). Grell agreed, and the Longbow Hunters was begun.

Grell, though, specifically did NOT want Ollie and Dinah to be engaged, so Weisman's long-awaited comic book debut was squelched.

Too bad, but at least Grell's Green Arrow was good!

Fast forward more than two decades later, and Weisman was writing the script to DC Showcase: Green Arrow, a short animated feature included as an extra on the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse DVD last year.

In the feature, Oliver Queen is at th airport waiting to pick up his girlfriend, Dinah Lance.

Of course, this being comics, Ollie is drawn into an assassination plot to kill a young princess (the evil archer Merlyn is the guy set to kill her) and he quickly has to switch into his Green Arrow gear.

There's an awesome sequence where Ollie shows he can hit Merlyn any time he wants...

Anyhow, after the guy who set Merlyn after the princess shows up, so does Dinah, and Black Canary lends a hand...or a shout, as it were...

And at the end of it all?

Green Arrow proposes!

Twenty-five years later, but Weisman got to get at least part of his story told!

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