Comic Book Legends Revealed #277

COMIC LEGEND: Nearly a week's worth of Get Fuzzy was censored by a number of newspapers across the country because of jokes about marijuana.


Last week's column involved a question of newspapers censoring comic strips, specifically an old Elzie Segar Thimble Theatre strip that newspapers were given to do what they felt with (censor or run it as it was).

You'd be surprised by how much odd censorship goes on to this day in the world of comic strips. A particularly strange circumstance involved a series of strips from the comic strip Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley.

In January of 2007, the strip (which stars a man and his two anthropomorphic pets - the friendly dog Satchel Pooch and the irritating cat Bucky Katt) had the character Bucky Katt come up with some slogans for a possible presidential campaign for the 2008 election. The slogans, however, do not come out the way Bucky intended them...

The strip did not attract much controversy, and later it was discovered why - the strip was not even RUN in many major newspapers!! Such major papers as the Washington Post, the Boston Globe and the Arizona Republic just ran re-runs of old strips rather than running these new ones.

I realize that it is drug humor, but these are some pretty tame jokes. It seems hard to believe that we're still seeing stuff like this in 2007.

Thanks to the nifty comic book artist, Ben Towle, for "breaking" this story at the time. Check Ben's site out here!

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