Comic Book Legends Revealed #265


In the column from two weeks ago, I did a bit about whether Alan Moore used the term "Sith-Lord" before it was used in the Star Wars Universe.

Reader Kliku wrote in to say:

Hi, Brian. What about this?:

"An issue of Star-Lord, published by Marvel Comics in 1973, featured a villain, Rruothk'ar, who was described as a "Sith-Lord". [1] "

Directly from wookiepedia... Is it true? Did Gerber or Claremont wrote down "Sith-Lord" for the first time?

Simply put, no.

The first appearance of Star-Lord came just a little before the Star Wars novelization that introduced the term "Sith-Lord" in 1976 and Rruothk'ar came around much later than that.

So that's a pretty easy "no."

I've read that the term "sith-lord" originally appeared in a John Carter of Mars story, with that likely being the origin for both the Star-Lord usage AND the Star Wars usage. Can anyone confirm that?

Thanks to Kliku for writing in with the suggestion! Reader PB210 ALSO wrote in with the same suggestion, then quickly wrote back to correct himself. Thanks to both of you folks!

Okay, that's it for this week!

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