Comic Book Legends Revealed #262


Action Comics #461 has a Perry White back-up story that conspicuously has no writer listed.

This is because Elliot S! Maggin actually personally removed his name from the tale!

The story involves young Perry making a scoop - a toyman is trying to build nuclear weapons!

and he stops the bad guy AND gets the story...

In the end, though, Perry's editor turns down the story.

In Maggin's original, though, the story WAS told.

Maggin told the marvelous Superman site, Superman Through the Ages, about the problem...

The most significant one was the one I quit over. At some point, I did a story involving Perry White and the idea that as a young reporter he had uncovered the story of the Manhattan Project. Julie changed the ending not for any artistic or narrative reason, but because he wanted to use the story to make a point to me about editorial supremacy. I told him to take my name off the story and he didn't, so I went into the production room and brushed out my name with black ink, and that's how the story was printed.

Superman Through the Ages also has another quote from a 2002 Maggin interview:

Julie Schwartz and I were having an argument over editorial/writer turf. I was a fresh journalism school graduate and wrote this story to make a point about the right of the public to public information. Julie changed the ending to make a point about an editor's right to skew any story any way he liked. So I took my name off the story -- covered it over on the artwork with india ink while it was in production.

Maggin would be gone from DC for a few years, but he eventually reconciled with Schwartz and did work on the Superman titles again in the 1980s before the Byrne reboot.

Thanks to Maggin and Superman Through the Ages for the information! In fairness to Schwartz, do note that this is just Maggin's side of the story. His side is the only one we need for the fact that A. He quit DC for awhile it and B. He blotched his own name out of the credits, but I presume Schwartz would have a different take on his reasoning why the editor in the story turned down Perry's story other than making a "point about editorial supremacy" or "the editor's right to skew any story any way he liked."

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