Comic Book Legends Revealed #220

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Let's begin!

COMIC LEGEND: John Rozum was credited for an issue of X-Man that he did not script.


In August 1995, X-Man #8 came out, with a plot by Jeph Loeb and a script by John Rozum.

However, that was not actually the case.

Here's John on the topic...

I think there was a very bare bones plot provided by the regular writer with some thematic ideas, and my job was to flesh that out into an actual story. The editor and I were both happy with it, especially given the fact that I had to write it in one night, but at the last minute new ideas were decided upon by the writer, and most of the dialogue was changed by the editor to reflect this, but the way it was done was that it was all catered to fit into already existing balloons. This not only made it awkward because nothing anybody was saying matched their expressions or often what they were doing, but people were saying things out loud which they should have been thinking and vice versa.

I'm perfectly willing to take responsibility when my own writing is subpar, but it makes me cringe when stuff like that happens, and no one reading the comic has any idea it happened. It just makes me look bad and sloppy.

Here, then, are a few pages from the issue that seem to jibe up with John's take on the story...

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