Comic Book Legends Revealed #212

COMIC LEGEND: In a tie-in with Mayfair Games' DC Universe role-playing game, DC mistakenly believed that the city Wild Dog worked in was a fictional city, while it was not.


Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty's Wild Dog series took place in the mis-named Quad Cities, a collection of mid-sized communities on the border of Iowa and Illinois that are so close to each other that they all effectively work as one large city.

Originally called the Tri-Cities, the growth of East Moline, Illinois made the group the Quad Cities, with the four cities being:

Davenport, IowaMoline, IllinoisRock Island, Illinois

and East Moline, Illinois

However, for the past 50 years or so, Bettendorf, Iowa has become a significant city in its own regard, and is actually more populous than East Moline. So Bettendorf became part of the Quad Cities. Still, the Quad Cities title had stuck by then, and no clamoring for Quint Cities would do any good, so it's Quad Cities just with five cities.

In any event, the late 80s DC series Wild Dog took place in the Quad Cities.

In 1990, as a tie-in to the popular Mayfair Games DC Heroes roleplaying game, Mayfair Games put out a DC Atlas, written by DC's own Paul Kupperberg. At the time, the atlas was an "official" one, but since then, writers have basically made up their own rules about where things are in the DC Universe.

In any event, a legend sprung up that (to quote Paul Blanshard, who suggested the legend):

Mayfair put out a DC guidebook where they gave entries to DC's fictional cities such as Coast City, Star City, Ivy Town, etc. They also inadvertently gave an entry to the Quad Cities-thinking them only fictional cities from Wild Dog. However, they actually exist. I guess people need to brush up on the midwest.

I thought that that would be a hilarious legend.

And sure enough, in the book, Quad Cities IS given a write-up.

However, so were New York City, NY, Waymore, NE and Middleton, CO, all actual cities.

And Quad Cities' write-up describes Quad Cities as it actually exists (Moline, East Moline, etc.).

What Kupperberg was doing was merely listing all the cities in which DC heroes were based, whether they were real or fictional.

Thanks to Paul for the suggestion!

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