Comic Book Legends Revealed #205


Reader George wrote in asking perhaps the first question involving my new book, Was Superman a Spy? and Other Comic Book Legends Revealed. He asked:

In the section about Alfred on the TV series, is it also true that they changed Alfred's appearance to look more like Alan Napier?

The answer, George, is no - but not far from the truth.

When Napier took over the role of Alfred for the TV series, yes, he portrayed Alfred as a thin man.

And yes, when Alfred debuted, he looked like this...

However, while Alfred DID change, it was for the Batman FILM SERIAL, not the Batman TV SERIES.

In 1943, soon after Alfred first showed up, a Batman film serial started, with Alfred portrayed by veteran actor William Austin...

Soon afterwards, in the Batman comics of the later 40s, Alfred began looking like the Alfred we know and love today...

So close, George! So very close!

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