Comic Book Legends Revealed #205

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Let's begin!

COMIC LEGEND: The Hall of Justice is based on a train station in Cincinnati.


Reader Squashua asked the other week about the design of the Hall of Justice and the design of Cincinnati's Union Terminal. Reader Vinnie Bartilucci quickly stepped in with a link to an interesting piece on the subject.

In 1933, a massive train station opened in Cincinnati, based on the Art Deco designs of architects Alfred Fellheimer and Steward Wagner. Union Terminal needed to be a gigantic building at the time, because Cincinnati used to be a major port for shipping, particularly as a bridge between Northeastern and Midwestern shipping points.

Here it is in 2008...

Hanna Barbera (founded by William Hanna and Joe Barbera) sold their animation studio to Cincinnati corporation Taft Broadcasting Co. in 1967. Occasionally, workers from Hanna Barbara would travel to Cincinnati for corporate reasons, but mostly they stayed autonomous back in California.

In any event, in 1973, Super Friends debuted.

The design of their headquarters, the "Hall of Justice" was given to Al Gmuer, a background supervisor for Hanna-Barbera for decades.

And he came up with the Union Terminal as the basis...

Here's Gmuer on the design...

Mine had more windows. In the long run, I hated that building. The way it's designed, it was not easy to draw. I had nightmares about that damn building.

So there ya go!

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