Comic Book Legends Revealed #178

This is the one-hundred and seventy-eighth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the previous one-hundred and seventy-seven.

Special Theme Week! Some how, some way, this week features three legends involving the animated version of the X-Men!

Let's begin!

COMIC LEGEND: Steve Vai did the theme song for the X-Men animated series


Reader Mikey Reynolds wrote in the other day to ask:

Is it true that world renowned axe master Steve Vai wrote the theme song to the nostalgia filled 90s X-Men cartoon? I've heard this rumour countless times...

If you don't know who Steve Vai is, he is a popular rock 'n' roll guitarist who got his big break playing guitar in Frank Zappa's backing band when Vai was in his early 20s. He started a solo career soon afterwards, and has released over a dozen solo albums.

Now, right off the bat, I sorta figured "no way." Then again,

A. It's not like Steve Vai has not done some cheezy stuff in the past, like that Ralph Macchio movie during the 80s!

B. It was not just Mikey who was wondering this - I saw the Vai piece of information a bunch of other times on the 'net.

So I figured it was worth looking into, and, when I did so, yeah, it is not Steve Vai.

The X-Men series had two theme music composers, Ron Wasserman and Shuki Levy. Wasserman did most of the series, but it was Levy who wrote the actual theme song.

Levy has the song available on his website for those who are interested. Check it out here!

Wasserman's website has a neat music player, too, here, with some rather interesting songs (the Trollz cartoon series did not need nearly as good of a theme song as Wasserman gives it).

So there ya go!

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