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Over 160 hopefuls answered the call. Ten were selected to compete. Only sixremain. Who will emerge as the first-ever Comic Book Idol? The race heats upthis week as the remaining contestants strive to survive by delivering theirtake on a cover for a CrossGen title.

Partnering with J. Torres' Comic Book Idol contest atComicBookResources.com, CrossGen will award one undiscovered artist thechance to illustrate a short story for the samurai series THE PATH, writtenby Ron Marz and art directed by fan favorite artist Bart Sears. Running forfive rounds, Comic Book Idol assigns unpublished artists weekly challengesjudged by a panel of industry personalities, including Oni Editor In ChiefJamie S. Rich, Marvel Editor In Chief Joe Quesada, and CrossGen SeniorWriter Ron Marz. Readers are then invited to vote for their favorite artist,selecting who will ultimately stand tall as the remaining Comic Book Idol.

"Comic Book Idol has been an amazing opportunity," stated Michael Flores,who submitted a ROUTE 666 cover. "Every time my palms start to sweat whilereading one of the judges' comments, I remember that there are thousands ofguys out there who would kill to be in the position of having Joe Quesada,Jamie S. Rich, or Ron Marz tearing their egos to shreds every week. I'd liketo think that I have taken their criticisms to heart, and am trying toimprove my work with each assignment."

Jonathan Hickman, submitting a cover for THE PATH, added, "The idolcompetition has been very rewarding so far. The contestants are challengingeach other and as a result, the art has gotten better every week. Everyoneinvolved knows what an opportunity this is, and it just says a lot about howthe judges and the companies involved are committed to cultivating newtalent in the industry."

"Besides the obvious opportunities created by the contest, the added bonusis the direct feedback from the fans," commented Martin Redmond, whosubmitted a RUSE cover. "As an artist working in the video game industry, Ihave to work in concert with and please only about a handful of people. Inthis contest, I have to keep track of the voters' opinion and rally-up fans,so that I can make work that's tailor-made to please the crowd and gainprecious votes. It makes me some kind of a micro one-person-company that hasto handle both production and marketing, which is an exciting challenge."

Also submitting a RUSE cover, Chris Ring stated, "It was a real honor to beselected amongst such a fine group of talent. At first you're sky highbecause you've been given the chance to show your work to some of the mostinfluential people in the business. Then it's like performing in front of alive audience and you've only had a few days to prepare. The judges arewatching, the fans are watching, and there are always a few hecklers in thecrowd. Hopefully when you're done they're clapping and not hurling tomatoes,but if you get the odd tomato, you know where you need to work on your act.It's a great learning experience and one heck of a rush!"

"Being in the Comic Book Idol contest has not only been a great opportunityto have my work seen by discerning professionals and fans alike, but also towork with some great characters from a variety of different books," addedPatrick Scherberger, who submitted a ROUTE 666 cover. "As I've done theentire competition, I gave my CrossGen cover my all, and I hope the fans andjudges like my work."

L. Frank Webber, submitting a MERIDIAN cover, succinctly summed hisexperience, saying: "This is a pretty fun event."

"In this talent contest, the audience decides who moves on to subsequentrounds, and it doesn't matter who Joe Quesada's favorite is, or how much RonMarz wants to work with one contestant, or even how much Jamie Rich hatessomeone's art--ultimately the Comic Book Idol will be the people's choice,"stated J. Torres. "Meanwhile, Ron Marz has been amazing! I mean, this manshows up the day after his third child is born--beat and sleep deprived--topost some very constructive criticism for our contestants that, in a coupleof cases, put certain artists on cloud nine. He's gone above and beyond, andit's an honor that he is one of our judges...as well as one of our prizes."

Who will you vote for? You can help one contestant reach THE PATH right nowat ComicBookResources.com.

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