COMIC BOOK IDOL: Only four contestants left? Time to call in the Legion of Superheroes!


The championship is within reach for four artists… and now the contestants get to play in the DC sandbox!

LOS ANGELES - With only four contestants still standing - or drawing - Comic Book Idol 3 has reached a boiling point.

What better time, then, to pull out the Legion of Superheroes, and comic book superstar Francis Manapul, who recently signed an exclusive for DC to draw the very same comic?

All four finalists have submitted their four pages of sequential art featuring some of DC's most beloved characters. Manapul is now critiquing each artist's work before opening the voting up to the fans on Wednesday. The two who survive this round? One step closer to being the Comic Book Idol.

And the two who get cut? Well, let's just say this might not be the last we see of them.

"I can't go into details right now, but let me just say that a few of our contestants who have been eliminated have been contacted about some professional work," J Torres, host of Comic Book Idol, says. "Win or lose, what this is all about is getting exposure to the artists, and seeing them make it in the industry. Who knows, the winner of the contest might not be the most popular artist of the group five years down the road."

The contest has already opened doors for the artists. Charles Paul Wilson III, who still draws on as one of the finalists, will see his work published in an issue of Aspen Comics' "Fathom" and Image Comics' "Wonderlost." Caio Oliveira, another artist still alive in the competition, will see his pin-up printed in an issue of the Image Comics series "Invincible." Daniel LaFrance didn't make it out of the first round, but the exposure he received in Comic Book Idol 3 got his comic, "Unworthy," in Ape Entertainment's upcoming anthology "Fablewood."

And the A-list talent keeps coming out to help critique and participate in CBI3. Aside from Manapul, the contest has also seen such names as Robert Kirkman, Vince Hernandez, C.B. Cebulski, Ryan Ottley and Marc Silvestri participate. And with the stakes getting higher each round, odds are there will be even more surprise judges coming into the fold in the upcoming final round.

Hosted by www.comicbookresources.com, the winner of Comic Book Idol 3 will be named Nov. 15. Patrick Scherberger and Carlos Rodriguez, the winners of the first two Comic Book Idol competitions, have gone on to become burgeoning comic book artists.

Comic Book Idol 3 is sponsored by the New York Comic-Con.

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