Celestial Bodies: 15 Cosmic Comic Book Gods (Who Totally Got Together)

Gods: they’re just like us! Human beings are prone to war and peace, fighting and making love, not war. It’s the gods, though, that have taught us how it’s done... at least if you take comic book lore into account. Both Marvel and DC have multiple pantheons of powerful gods who watch over the people of Earth and act just like them. Whether they be Asgardian or New God, these powerful beings are capable of destroying, but they have also shown the ability to find love too, if even just for a fleeting moment.

Gods tend to get around a lot, and as the Greek gods did in ancient legend, they usually look to mortals to satiate their desires. On many occasions we have witnessed these celestial beings seduce their targets, but sometimes even gods come together in a sacred union. Whether by passion or love, marriage, or the quest for power, these entities have united in ways that will make you want to either blush or look away in shock. Good and evil are mostly meaningless concepts to these gods, so characters on both sides of the line have gotten it on. Here are 15 cosmic comic book gods who totally got together.


In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love who was forced to marry Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the gods. Aphrodite was not happy with the marriage because her husband was ugly and deformed, and so she looked elsewhere for the affection of men. She took on many different lovers in secret, one of which was Ares, the God of War.

In Marvel Comics continuity, Ares just so happens to be a god and an anti-hero, which makes things extra fun. Aphrodite seduces Ares into her bed during the Incredible Hercules series in order to distract him from attacking the Olympus Group. Hephaestus would discover her betrayal and bring her in front of Zeus in order to see that she be punished for this act.


Black Adam is the arch-nemesis and sometimes ally of the magical superhero known as Shazam. Like his counterpart, Black Adam has the power of the gods coursing through him and can also be considered a god in his own right. In the weekly series 52, he is the ruler of his native country Kahndaq, and he finally finds a wife in Adrianna Tomaz.

Over the course of the series, Adrianna gains the power of Isis, which grants her many of the same abilities as her husband. Instead of being a part of Shazam’s power, though, she actually wields the power of the god Isis herself and becomes the Goddess of Nature. Unfortunately, we witness her death over the course of the series and their union comes to an end.


Odin Borson, like many gods, has fathered children with more than one woman. As it turned out, this was the case when it came to Thor himself. In Thor #300, the Celestials attack Asgard and destroy Odin. Thor is the only one who stands in their way of wiping out Earth too, when a hooded woman appears and devises a plan to save everyone.

It is revealed that this woman is Gaea, Mother Earth herself, and she is actually the true mother of Thor. She explains that long ago, Odin became smitten with her and their affair resulted in the birth of a child. Ever the one to keep secret from those he is closest to, Odin hid this truth from his son and brought him back to Asgard to be raised by Frigga.


Hercules might have many superpowers, but his way with the ladies is something of a gift. He has slept with many powerful women over the years, but perhaps no union was more touching than his time with the Inuit demi-goddess Snowbird. In a tie-in to the Secret Invasion storyline, Hercules leads the God Squad against the forces of the Skrulls’ pantheon of gods.

Following a particularly brutal battle, Hercules finds Snowbird upset over the loneliness that comes with being a god, as well as her place in the world. He decides to comfort her the best he can, but she decides to take things a step further, citing her need to not be alone. In the morning she kicks Hercules to the curb and they decide to go their separate ways.


Orion was the son of Darkseid who was handed over to Highfather and New Genesis in order to solidify a peace treaty between the two worlds. Bekka was the daughter of Himon, a scientist on Apokolips who plotted to overthrow Darkseid. Somehow the two managed to find each other, fall in love, and marry. However, their relationship has some complications.

Bekka has the ability to make those around her fall in love with her. While that sounds like great news for a loving relationship between her and Orion, he’s not the only one swayed by her charm. In the Superman/Batman story “Torment” By Alan Burnett and Dustin Nguyen, it is revealed that she also falls in love with those she seduces. Bekka very nearly manages to claim Batman as her own before her husband shows up.


Even demons like to hook up with each other when it suits them. In David Finch’s Batman: The Dark Knight, Etrigan the Demon doesn’t have the rank in Hell he once held. That means no rhyming speech and no true place in the underworld. His battle with Ragman is not going as well as he would like to, until the Lady Blaze enters the picture.

The two were once lovers and she offers him a place by her side once again. In return, he will have his rank restored and his power increased. Jason Blood, the Demon’s human half, attempts to refuse her offer, however, Etrigan goes against him and accepts. The two demons embrace in their new unholy union, and it’s clear they are more powerful together.


The brothers Yin and Yang came together in a very different way than you might be thinking. These two incredibly powerful cosmic entities each embodies a different universe, one being the DC Universe and the other being the Marvel Universe. When the two took notice of each other in the void, they became engaged in a very dangerous battle that could destroy worlds.

Their battle resulted in Marvel and DC characters coming together to fight one another as their entity’s chosen champion. In the end, the battle was a draw and the two brothers were merged into one super being. This merger is what ultimately created the Amalgam Universe that saw Marvel and DC characters combined to create new superheroes and villains. If it wasn’t for the hero known as Access, the merger would have been permanent.


Over the years, many women have held the heart of Thor. There has been Jane Foster and Brunnhilde, but Sif holds a special place above them all. Introduced as the first woman who could handle herself side-by-side with Thor, the two have been constant companions. Each has had their own lovers, but they always seem to come back to one another.

In The Mighty Thor #1 by Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel, Thor and Sif go off on a mission for Asgard. When they find success, a celebration is had; however, Thor can’t seem to get out of his own head to eat or drink. The two heroes go to bed together, and Sif says that he is so distracted that he has not warmed her with his touch. Maybe this was a bad night, but there have been better ones.


In 1978, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby the creators of the Silver Surfer, returned to the character in order to tell a new story. The Silver Surfer: The Ultimate Cosmic Experience was an all-new tale that took place in a different continuity than the Marvel Universe. In this story, the Silver Surfer had betrayed Galactus, but the Destroyer of Worlds found a way to bring his servant back into the fold.

Galactus created the being known as Ardina by using the DNA of the Surfer’s former lover Shalla Bal. This new being had all the abilities of the Surfer himself and could tap into the Power Cosmic as well. The two fell in love and shacked up together just long enough for the Silver Surfer to come back into the service of Galactus. She was then erased from existence.


In the series Day of Vengeance, the hostless Spectre is manipulated by Eclipso, who is now using Jean Loring as a host, into believing that magic is responsible for all the evils of the world. Using her feminine charm on the impressionable spirit, Eclipso leads him on a rampage of destruction throughout the world.

The series sees a ragtag group of magical superheroes come together to oppose their path of destruction in the hopes of saving the world and preserving what little magic there is left. They manage to hurt the Spectre, who then retreats to the safety of outer space with Eclipso. He confides with her that for him to be truly successful in his mission, he must also destroy himself. Once he’s healed the two embrace in order to share their love for one another before it all ends.


Scott Free is the son of Highfather who was sent to live on Apokolips in order to secure a peace treaty with Darkseid. Instead of being raised like his own son, Darkseid has him sent to the torture pits where he learns to become an escape artist and first meets Big Barda. She is trained to become an elite warrior and the leader of the Female Furies, but she hates the place.

Together they finally manage to escape and later decide to marry. In Mister Miracle, we see the two embrace each other’s bodies as a symbol of their love for one another. Soon after they head into battle against Orion’s forces and Barda reveals that she is pregnant. It’s a touching scene in between action shots.


The series Ultimates 2 sees a group of superheroes alter the very nature of Galactus in order to transform him into the Lifebringer, instead of the Destroyer of Worlds. Unfortunately, this brings the natural balance of the universe out of whack, and not everyone is pleased. Master Order and Lord Chaos object to this change, and they will have their way no matter what.

The two petition the Living Tribunal to rebalance the universe; however, the ultimate judge of the Multiverse decides against interfering. Instead of taking his word, the two rebel and kill him. Order and Chaos then merge, and consume the entity known as the In-Betweener, creating the new entity Logos. This new being attempts to become the new embodiment of law in all of creation.


Amora the Enchantress is a powerful member of the Asgardians and has been a worthy foe of Thor. What complicates matters is that she is constantly trying to get him in bed with her. She often uses her abilities to control his mind in order to get what she wants from him. However, he usually manages to break from her control because he doesn’t truly love her.

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t given himself over to her willingly, though. In the ‘90s, Odin turned on Thor and banished him from Asgard. Stripped of his heritage and power, and with nowhere left to turn, he decided to embrace the love that Amora has for him. The two formed a relationship for some time, until the Heroes Reborn storyline erased Thor from reality.


In the 1980s and ‘90s, DC Comics decided to flesh out the stories of the New Gods beyond what Jack Kirby had introduced. This led to the creation of Yuga Khan, the original ruler of Apokolips and the father of the great and powerful Darkseid. It was established that he married Heggra and produced two sons in Uxas and Drax (who would become the Infinity Man). In more recent continuity, Highfather has been cast as the brother of Darkseid instead.

Apokolips has no real concept of love, so their family dynamic was terrible. In an attempt to ensure his offspring couldn’t usurp him, Yuga Khan accidentally sealed himself inside the Source Wall. Darkseid then assassinated his mother in order to take the throne of Apokolips for himself.


Death is usually a revolving door when it comes to Thor and many of the Asgardians, but in the Ultimate Universe, resurrection comes with a price. After sacrificing himself during the events of Ultimatum, Thor is given the opportunity to return to the land of the living in New Ultimates. In return for being allowed to return to Earth, Hela desires that Thor give her a son.

With no other choice in the matter, Thor gives her what she wants. Unfortunately, at that time, Amora the Enchantress shows Valkyrie a vision of what Thor is doing at that moment. She is then forced to witness her love having an intimate relationship with another woman. It’s a terrible thing to have to witness, but it’s even worse when the context is removed. Thor only agreed so that he could make it back to Valkyrie.

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