Comic Book Easter Eggs - Where's Waldo? In The Pages of Gambit #8, Of Course!

Every week, I will be sharing with you three comic book "easter eggs." An easter egg is a joke/visual gag/in-joke that a comic book creator (typically the artist) has hidden in the pages of the comic for readers to find (just like an easter egg). They range from the not-so-obscure to the really obscure. So come check 'em all out and enjoy! Also, click here for an archive of all the easter eggs featured so far! If you want to suggest an easter egg for a future column, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com (do not post your suggestion in the comments section!).


Reader João astutely picked up on Waldo of Where's Waldo fame being hidden in the last page of the latest issue of Gambit by Clay Mann...

See if you can spot him!

(I did a Movie Urban Legends Revealed recently on Waldo being hidden in Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, as well, in case you're curious. Plus the tale of the exposed female breast in one of the Where's Waldo? books!).

In the fourth issue of Avengers Forever, Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pachecho have some fun with their time-traveling cast when they head to 1959. Captain Marvel and the Wasp disguise themselves as basically Clark Kent and Lois Lane...

and they end up in Smallville...

Very cute bit by Busiek and Pachecho.

Finally, reader Frank L. points out this interesting bit from Uncanny X-Men #215 where Chris Claremont and Alan Davis literally just write famed DC editor Julie Schwartz and sci-fi/fantasy novelist Diane Duane into the issue as doctors treating Maddie Pryor...

Thanks for the suggestions, Frank and João! If YOU have a suggestion, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com

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