Comic Book Easter Eggs - Spider-Man in the 30th Century!

Every Tuesday, I will be sharing with you three comic book "easter eggs." An easter egg is a joke/visual gag/in-joke that a comic book creator (typically the artist) has hidden in the pages of the comic for readers to find (just like an easter egg). They range from the not-so-obscure to the really obscure. So come check 'em all out and enjoy! Also, click here for an archive of all the easter eggs featured so far! If you want to suggest an easter egg for a future column, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com (do not post your suggestion in the comments section!).

This week features all easter eggs from comic books with Keith Giffen as a part of the creative team!

First off, in just this most recent comic book week, O.M.A.C. #5 had an amusing little hidden joke when Frankenstein is fighting O.M.A.C., Frankensten decides to blow up a gas truck to take O.M.A.C. out (hint: it does not work).

Well, check out the name of the gas company...

Crude, but funny! I don't know if it was Giffen's joke or inker Scott Koblish or leterer Travis Lanham.

In Legion of Super-Heroes #300, Giffen did a wonderful double-page spread of all the Legionnaires...

He also threw in some special guests, including Spider-Man and Garfield! Here is a detail so that you can see it easier...

A few different folks suggested I feature this Legion one. Thanks!

In 52 #2, which Giffen did breakdowns for, the plot of the story is that so-called "mad scientists" are being rounded up. So T.O. Morrow has a wall filled of newspaper clippings about the disappearances of the scientists.

Can you name where all the mad scientists came from? Doctor Sivana, IQ and Doctor Death are easy, but where are the other characters from?

That's it for this week!

Again, if you can think of an easter egg/in-joke that you would like to see me feature, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com! DON'T make suggestions in the comments section, so as to not spoil the surprise for when I end up actually featuring your suggestion.

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