Comic Book Easter Eggs - iZombie Brain Recipe Puns

In "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter," Liv eats the brains of a librarian who writes erotic fiction. When the erotic fiction is read in the episode, Kristen Bell, star of iZombie creator Rob Thomas' famous series, Veronica Mars, does the voiceover. She prepares the brains in a stuffed bell pepper...

Thanks to readers Bella and Halley for the suggestion. I'm not POSITIVE it is correct, but it seems likely enough that I'm going with it.

In "The Whopper," Liv eats the brains of a guy who constantly told lies, or "whoppers." She prepares them in a cheeseburger...

In "Pour Some Sugar, Zombie," Liv eats the brain of a stripper. She prepares them in a club sandwich...

In the most recent episode, "Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be," Liv eats the brain of an overachiever. She prepares them in a noodle dish that led to probably my favorite pun of the season so far. Liv's co-worker and friend, Ravi, walks by and says, "That looks like something I once ate in Taiwan. In the capital city," to which Liv responds, "Taipei." Hilarious.

If you can figure out some other good ones, feel free to let me know. I know the scones of "Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind" probably tie in with the brains belonging to a coffee shop owner, but if so, that seemed kind of non-punny, as well. I still can't figure the omelet one out! Or the stuffed peppers from the 50 Shades of Grey one.

If anyone else has a comic book easter egg they'd like to see spotlighted, just drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com!

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