Comic Book Easter Eggs Archive!

Here is an archive of all the Comic Book Easter Eggs that we've featured so far! Check them all out! They're posted in chronological order, so the most recent one is at the very end!

1 - Steranko homage, a Bad Robot cameo and a Simpsons/Green Lantern reference

2 - Claremont and Cockrum show up in X-Men, Miracleman shows up in Dark Knight Returns and the Yarbroughs get some love from Wonder Woman

3 - Sound effects from Incredible Hercules

4 - Scott and Jean show up in WildCATs, Alan Davis shows us a bathroom sound effect and Camelot 3000's King Arthur shows up in a Ghostbusters comic book

5 - Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Beavis and Butthead show up in WildCATS, Waldo shows up in Hulk: Future Imperfect and the X-Men pop up in the pages of Punisher

6 - Comic Strip Cameos Galore! A host of comic strip characters show up as the neighbors to Reed and Sue Richards, Calvin and Hobbes are in danger in X-Factor and Mike Doonesbury and Zonker Harris cross paths with Peter Parker

7 - Jay and Silent Bob make an appearance via Braille, Doctor Doom is killed in JLA #1 and the world's greatest heroes end up behind bars in the pages of Spawn.

8 - Pinky and the Brain show up in the Hulk, Charles Bronson makes an appearance in Amazing Spider-Man and Mike Grell shows some fireworks in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes

9 - Parliament-Funkadelic gets some love in Super-Villain Team-Up, a Wonder Woman fan joins the action and a very familiar face shows up as the opposite of Deathstroke in Superman/Batman

10 - A Twin Peaks reference in X-Factor, Cable crosses paths with two detectives from Homicide: Life in the Streets and Philip Tan pays tribute to a favorite radio show host of his in the pages of Batman and Robin

11 - A few X-Men characters show up in Sovereign Seven, Hal Jordan ends up in the Incredible Hulk's comic and J. Jonah Jameson stops by G.I. Joe

12 - Doctor Doom takes to the ice in X-Men, Hank Hill's place of employment in name-checked in Heroes for Hire and a bottle with a familiar title shows up in Fear Itself

13 - John Byrne hides Barney Rubble IN rubble, Remington Steele guest-stars in an issue of New Mutants and a familiar nuclear power plant owner (and his lackey) show up in Hitman

14 - A Glengarry Glen Ross character makes his way into the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man, three familiar Frank Miller faces appear in a bar in All Star Batman and Robin and Cannonball passes by a certain armed vigilante on the street in Uncanny X-Men

15 - The UK cast of the Office shows up in New York City in an issue of Spider-Man, the cast of My Name Is Earl appears in a Hulk issue and John Constantine rides in a familiarly named boat

16 - A Wonder Woman fan becomes a rabbi in an issue, a fan proposes in another Wonder Woman issue and an incoming Wonder Woman editor has something harsh happen to one of his predecessors

17 - John Byrne celebrates his 500th X-Men page with an easter egg, three familiar bullies stop by the pages of Young Justice and Frank Castle and Logan get into a discussion on the streets of NYC in Amazing Spider-Man

18 - Dan Green celebrates Tom Orzechowski's 100th straight issue of X-Men lettered, Walter Simonson has Apocaylpse make a guest appearance on Apokolips and Impulse travels to the mall from Mallrats.

19 - A special edition just looking at all the many instances of "sex" hidden in New X-Men #118

20 - Wolverine pays the Sopranos a visit, an art assistant gives himself some credit and the cast of Lost shows up in Wonder Woman

21 - All Carlos Pacheco easter eggs, including Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young in X-Men, Reginald VelJohnson in Bishop and some shout outs to his Spanish comic book work in Avengers Forever.

22 - A Monty Python joke in Iron Man, the Real Ghostbusters show up in Amazing Spider-Man and Jack of Fables gives Jim Henson Studios some love.

23 - Three Star Trek references inside of Dave Cockrum's Legion of Super-Heroes comics

24 - The Coyote/Roadrunner relationship gets a different spin in the pages of The Incredible Hulk, another Lost reference shows up in Captain America and DC's Starman ends up in Quasar!

25 - Tintin in Fantastic Four, the Blues Brothers in X-Factor and Stan Lee in the Web of Spider-Man

26 - A crowd of cameos show up for Karen Page's funeral, Geoff Johns appears in Powers and Joe DiMaggio makes an appearance in Green Lantern: Rebirth

27 - Three Mystery Science Theater 3000-related easter eggs

28 - Carmine Infantino and Frank Quitely sneak in mentions of some familiar faces and Teen Titans Spotlight sees the Adventures of Tintin...in the future!

29 - Easter Eggs from Kingdom Come Day One!

30 - Easter Eggs from Kingdom Come Day Two!

31 - The classic "Buried Alien" bit, plus easter eggs from John Byrne and Jim Aparo

32 - Clark and Lois meet the Amazing Spider-Friends, a Green Lantern ring pops up in a romance comic and the creative team of JSA says goodbye

33 - An interesting name for a natural gas company, Spider-Man and Garfield in the 30th Century and a list of obscure mad scientists

34. A group of Easter Eggs from Thom Zahler's Love and Capes.

35. Doctor Zoidberg in Action Comics, Joker in Web of Spider-Man and a Herb Trimpe reference in an issue of Incredible Hulk.

36. Bizarro Sterling Gates, Geoff Johns and Jill Thompson, a variety of vessels (including Battlestar Galactica) and an X-Men ad in Marvel Team-Up

37. Wolverine is killed in Aliens/Predator, Adam Hughes pays tribute to The Maze Agency in Justice League America and Clark and Lois pop up in an issue of Green Hornet.

38. The Simpsons in Spider-Man, Batman and Superman in Avengers Forever and the Three Stooges in G.I. Joe

39. Justin Timberlake in Wolverine, Howard Chaykin's musical sound effects in American Flagg and the Avengers in the Avengers

40. James Bond meets SHIELD, a Shining reference in American Vampire and an alien Bart Simpson meets the Silver Surfer

41. X-Men and Wildstorm-inspired strippers, a reference in Swamp Thing to an actor who played Swamp Thing and Dan Dare shows up as a member of the Captain Britain Corps.

42. The Big Bang Theory comes to the DC Universe, Ron Garney pays homage to a great European comic artist and some familiar faces walk past Spider-Man and MJ having lunch

43. The Mythbusters appear as teachers for X-23, a Firesign Theatre mention in an Eternals mini-series and the cast of Lupin III are killed by the Punisher

44. Juggernaut nearly flattens Harry Potter, the Next Generation crew shows up in Invincible and G.I. pops up in Amazing Spider-Man

45. Batman versus the cast of Seinfeld, a bunch of familiar looking aliens try to invade Marvel's Australia and Peter and MJ visit an art opening with Kyle Rayner and the Justice League

46. Three different Simpsons cameos

47. Three more Simpsons cameos

48. Three Spider-Man easter eggs, including Spidey saving Bruce Wayne's parents

49. FOUR Avengers easter eggs, including C3PO popping up on an Avengers cover

50. Three Star Wars Tales easter eggs, including cameos from Buzz Lightyear, the Beatles, Hellboy and Bender!

51. Legion of Super-Heroes easter eggs, including the cast of Gilligan's Island in the belly of a space whale, the Enterprise being in a space junkyard and a descendant of Green Arrow being a tour guide.

52. Hidden advertisements and a Bullpen Bulletins in the pages of a Spider-Man comic, a C.S. Lewis reference by John Ostrander in Martian Manhunter and an I Love Lucy nod in Fantastic Four

53. Bill Willingham pays homage to Marvel in a role-playing game, Peter and Benjy Parker show up in a Jughead comic and Wonder Woman visits St. Eligius Hospital

54. Over thirty easter eggs in a single Batman story!

55. Doctor Who shows up in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a variety of comic book objects appears in Strikeforece: Morituri and a Steranko effect shows up in Deadpool.

56. Rorschach in Astonishing X-Men, Rorschach in Marvel Boy and a pair of Watchmen references on a Violator cover

57. Playboy comic characters appear in a Spider-Man What If...? comic, Kelley Jones pays tribute to Marshall Rogers and Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction say goodbye to Iron Fist

58. Comic book creators murdered in Gotham Central, Gotham morgue named after Bob Kane, Pittsburgh beer for Jim Shooter and Marvel icons in a DC comic book.

59. Three easter eggs from Joe Quesada's Daredevil run, including nods to Kevin Smith, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

60. Sound effects in Norman Osborn's mind references things connected to the mind, Dark X-Men descriptions are all names of songs by British musicians

61. The Three Stooges Meet Batman, the Defenders, Power Pack, Dakota North and the Punisher

62. Lots of various Rocket Raccoon easter eggs

63. Easter eggs from Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek's Marvels #1

64. Easter eggs from Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek's Marvels #2

65. Easter eggs from Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek's Marvels #3

66. Easter eggs from Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek's Marvels #4

67. Art Adams fits a whole other universe onto a Spectre cover, Boba Fett shows up in the Boys and Jen Van Meter is name-checked in Shooters

68. Rags Morales base lots of characters on famous celebrities

69. Lost castaways in the pages of the Flash, Barry Kitson references a friend in Spider-Man and alien Red Sonja shows up in X-Men

70. John Byrne features Larry Niven's creations, the Puppeteers, in a number of different comics. That number is three.

71. A pile of Savage Dragon easter eggs

72. Charles Bronson shows up in an issue of Spider-Man, Laurel and Hardy in an issue of Thor and Officer Muldoon visits the Fantastic Four

73. John Byrne pays homage to characters from Doonesbury, Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft

74. Charlie Brown appears in Fantastic Four, Invincible and Betty and Veronica

75. Three examples of Murphy Anderson hidden signatures

76. Three Ultimate Spider-Man Easter Eggs

77. Three John Constantine Easter Eggs

78. More Charlie Brown cameos in Astonishing X-Men, Top Ten, Batman: Year One and Sensational Spider-Man

79. Katie Power smoking a joint, Clark Kent delivering the news in Daredevil and the Three Stooges versus Man-Wolf!

80. Star Wars Easter Eggs!

81. 100 Bullets/Wonder Woman crossover (of sorts) plus Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev meet Elektra!

82. Longshot Easter Eggs!

83. Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo Invade Other Comic Book Universes!

84. Chris Claremont pays homage to Alien and Tom Grummett pays homage to the Beagle Boys

85. Elfquest Cameos!

86. Hidden Howard the Ducks, courtesy of Leinil Francis Yu

87. Jackson Guice and Bob Layton Make References to Other Creators With Signs

88. G.I. Joe Easter Eggs!

89. Waldo is hiding in an issue of Gambit, the Avengers visit Smallville and Julie Schwartz and Diane Duane become doctors in an issue of Uncanny X-Men

90. Invincible Easter Eggs!

91. Comic Book Cover Easter Eggs!

92. Terry Austin Popeye Easter Eggs!

93. Carrie Hack in Jennifer's Body!

94. Captain America Visits a Bar Filled With Easter Eggs!

95. More Comic Strip Cameos!

96. Have You Ever Been to Gerber's Crossing?

97. Daredevil Front Page Photographer Easter Eggs!

98. Easter Eggs from Grant Morrison's Action Comics!

99. Avengers Easter Eggs (Not THOSE Avengers. The OTHER ones)

100. The Kids From South Park Meet Sif

101. Edith Bunker and All in the Family cameos

102. Superman Easter Eggs: Seinfeld, Spider-Man and much, much more!

103. 52 Easter Eggs, Week 1!

104. Wolverine Meets the Cast of the Big Bang Theory! Plus Butch Guice's Easter Egg Graffiti Madness!

105. Watchmen Easter Eggs!

106. Marvel Knights Spider-Man Easter Eggs!

107. X-Men Pop Culture References!

108. Calvin and Hobbes Cameos Galore!

109. Alfred E. Neuman Helps Spider-Man Move!

110. Captain America Graffiti, Clark and Lois Meet Captain Britain and Martian Manhunter pays homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs

111. X-Files Cameos! Mulder and Scully visit the pages of X-Men: Children of the Atom, Crimson and Backlash

112. May the Force Be With You! Star Wars Cameos!

113. Alex P. Keaton and Sally Draper in Daredevil and More Waid/Samnee DD Easter Eggs!

114. Spider-Man Meets Charlie Brown, Woody Allen, Comic Book Guy and More!

115. "What's the Deal With Jubilee's Earrings?" and More X-Men Easter Eggs!

116. "Where's Waldo?" Why, He's In a Bunch of Different Comic Books!

117. National Lampoon's...IRON MAN Vacation?!

118. Is That Rocket Raccoon's Dead Body on That Wall?

119. ALF, Hawkman and Dirty Harry Meet the X-Men!

120. These ARE the Easter Eggs You're Looking For! More Star Wars Easter Eggs!

121. Breaking Bad Easter Eggs!

124. A Collection of Chew Easter Eggs!

125. Chris Claremont Meets the x-Men!

126. Daredevil Easter Eggs!

127. Realistic Saturday Morning Cartoon Character Cameos

118. More Avengers Easter Eggs

119. Classic TV Character Cameos

120. iZombie Brain Recipe Puns

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Cyclops and Emma Frost Bond While Riding a Dinosaur on X-Men #3 Cover

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