Comic Book Easter Eggs - A Trio of Wonder Woman Easter Eggs!

All throughout July, I will be sharing with you three comic book "easter eggs" a day. An easter egg is a joke/visual gag/in-joke that a comic book creator (typically the artist) has hidden in the pages of the comic for readers to find (just like an easter egg). They range from the not-so-obscure to the really obscure. So come check 'em all out and enjoy! Also, click here for an archive of all the easter eggs featured so far!

Reader Jonathan P. sent me in two Wonder Woman easter eggs, so I figured it would be worth it to just make this an all-Wonder Woman edition of Comic Book Easter Eggs!!

These first two are Jonathan's suggestions. Thanks, Jonathan!

From Wizard to Wonder Woman

In Wonder Woman #125, Wonder Woman super-fan (and then-Wizard copy editor) Marc Wilkofsky saw his namesake be used for a rabbi by John Byrne.

Another cool easter egg from Byrne. He is really good at this stuff!

A Wonder-ful Proposal

During Phil Jimenez's run on Wonder Woman, Themyscira is rebuilt and opened to everyone who wants to come study there.

That includes comic book store owner, Todd McDevitt and his then-girlfriend Maribeth Castelli. See what happens next...

Isn't Phil Jimenez a sweetheart? What a nice guy.

Perhaps the Harshest Easter Egg So Far!

So far, most of (all of?) the easter eggs we've featured have been nice ones. That changes with this one. You see, Robert Kanigher wrote and edited Wonder Woman for a reeeeally long time. Finally, in 1968, he was replaced by Jack Miller, who oversaw the dramatic "Diana Prince" revamp on Wonder Woman that Mike Sekowsky came up with (Denny O'Neil did the scripts). After a few issues, Sekowsky took over as writer and editor of the book. Towards the tail end of his run, he was succeeded as editor by Dorothy Woolfolk, who had worked as a comics editor during the 1940s and was now working for DC in charge of their romance line of comics.

Woolfolk only lasted two issues before Denny O'Neil took over as editor. He kept the changes Sekowsky had made, only changed the style a bit. Well, with Wonder Woman #204, Kanigher was back. In that one issue, he killed off Diana's traveling companion, I-Ching, and has Diana lose her memory. She is found by some Amazons, who return only her memories up to the point where she met I-Ching. So, in effect, I-Ching is erased from continuity, as is the "Diana Prince" stage of her life. Pretty harsh stuff, right?

Well, one of the harshest things is this little easter egg early in the issue. I-Ching is killed by a sniper. Well, check out the sniper's FIRST victim...

Cottonman = Woolfolk

What the heck, Kanigher?

Thanks to BookSteve for the head's up about this one!

If you can think of an easter egg/in-joke that you would like to see me feature, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com! DON'T make suggestions in the comments section, so as to not spoil the surprise for when I end up actually featuring your suggestion.

NOTE: A word about suggestions. I've gotten so many (which is great - keep 'em coming!) that I am going through them in the order that I receive them. So if you wonder why I did not credit you for a suggestion you sent in, it is because someone else sent it in first. No offense intended!

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