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Comic Book Easter Eggs – A Look at Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek’s Marvels #4

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Comic Book Easter Eggs – A Look at Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek’s Marvels #4

Every week, I will be sharing with you three comic book “easter eggs.” An easter egg is a joke/visual gag/in-joke that a comic book creator (typically the artist) has hidden in the pages of the comic for readers to find (just like an easter egg). They range from the not-so-obscure to the really obscure. So come check ’em all out and enjoy! Also, click here for an archive of all the easter eggs featured so far! If you want to suggest an easter egg for a future column, e-mail me at (do not post your suggestion in the comments section!).

This week, we conclude a four-part series looking at easter eggs in Marvels, taking it one issue at a time (since there are SO many easter eggs in Marvels).

Reader John correctly notes that the four people in this panel who stand out are the band Badfinger (Alex Ross is a big Badfinger fan)…

On this page, we have Pete Townshend on the top…

and then presumably his fellow Who bandmate, Roger Daltrey, on the bottom (as well as the late, great actor John Cazale on the right)…

No one ended up giving me better copies of the newspaper articles or scans of the text from the 10th Anniversary Hardcover, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that Busiek wrote some fun articles throughout the series, like this bit on Doctor Octopus…

At this newspaper reporter party, Lois, Clark and Jimmy are all in attendance…

In this famous bit, legendary Spider-Man artist John Romita is driving the cab as Phil Sheldon follows the Green Goblin’s glider as the villain is carrying Gwen Stacy to her death…

leandro notes that Bob Marley makes a rather random cameo…

There ya go! There are obviously more easter eggs in Marvels, but we’ve shown you a whole lot of them (and that’s with me specifically not even getting into the celebrities used as the basis for heroes’ looks, like Timothy Dalton and Tony Stark and Russell Johnson and Reed Richards, etc.). Special thanks to reader leandro for actually suggesting easter eggs!

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