Comic Book Dictionary - Underscorigins

This week's first issue of Venom: Dark Origin brings up something that I call "underscorigins."

Read on if you don't mind being spoiled about the first issue of Venom: Dark Origin!

An Underscorigin is when a writer (always after the fact) comes up with an origin for a character that underscores later character traits.

It is not ALWAYS cheezy, but most of the time, it is pretty cheezy.

In Venom: Dark Origin #1, we learn that Eddie Brock has been lying to make himself look good his entire life, which underscores the fact that that is how he becomes Venom - he lied about who the Sin-Eater was and was called on it and had his career as a reporter ruined because he was caught in the lie.

Another recent underscorigin was also a Spider-Man villain, as the origin of the Sandman included lots an lots of references to sand in his childhood.

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