Comic Book Dictionary - Pygmalion Characters

Earlier this year, I asked for help naming a particular term, and thanks to poster Kid Kyoto, I have my name for it - Pygmalion Characters.

Pygmalion characters are those characters where, while not a proxy for their author/creator, the writer still goes out of his/her way to make their creation "the best at what they do." I think we can all agree that it is, generally speaking, pretty tacky when a brand new character created by a book's writer is suddenly beating up established characters, with the presumed intent of making the creation of the writer look better. They are basically just pet characters.

Remember how annoying it was when Batman was turning to Tarantula for help during War Crimes? Stuff like that - it's silly and poor writing.

Tarantula, though, was not a "Mary Sue" of writer/creator Devin Grayson. But she WAS a bad character who fits into a specific reoccurring category of characters written by their creators who suddenly are "the best" and have other characters talk about how good they are (Another good example is Constantine Drakkon in Green Arrow).

So Kid Kyoto suggested Pygmalion, based on the famous Greek myth of the sculptor who fell in love with his own creation. That nails the concept beautifully, doesn't it?

So pygmalion characters, it is!!

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