Comic Book Cheers and Jeers

I totally wouldn't have ripped off TV Guide's schtick, but then I saw that, like, a dozen different sites, including Daily Kos, do "cheers and jeers," so forget that, I'm getting on that bandwagon! The following are a bunch of cheers and jeers from me for the past two weeks of comic books!

There will most likely be some spoilers...otherwise, enjoy!

CHEERS to Marc Guggenheim, for bringing Hannibal King back to his Tomb of Dracula roots in this week's issue of Blade. Man, King and Frank Drake can have quite the battle over who was ruined more post-Tomb of Dracula...

CHEERS to Stephan Nilson, for coming up with an interesting use for Guy Gardner in last week's Justice League Unlimited #32 - the Green Lantern of the Fourth World! Clever, eh?

JEERS to Daniel Way for naming Wolverine's son Daken. Daken? What kind of ridiculous name is Daken?!?! And how dorky does Daken look?

In fact, let's add a new jeer.

JEERS to what Daken looks like...


This Daken talk just reminded me - even though he wasn't in a comic the past two weeks, just a general JEER to Judd Winick for Constantine Drakon. Possibly the worst creation Winick has ever had - and yet Winick keeps bringing the guy back! Jeer, I say!

CHEERS to Barbara Slate, for coming up with an interesting angle for the lead story of Archie #574, with the parents of Archie, Betty and Veronica all going out for dinner together, leading to the teen trio fretting over what embarrassing things their parents are telling each other about their respective children.

CHEERS to David Hahn, for following up his debut issue of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, where he seemed to be almost trying to make his art look like outgoing artist, Takeshi Miyazawa,with this past week's issue, where he does a totally new style, while still fitting the mood of the book. Well done by Hahn - giving the fans a "transition" issue. Clever.

JEERS to Nemesis not using his disguise talents in Wonder Woman since issue #1 (at least, I don't recall him using it after that issue). Isn't that, like, his entire gimmick!?!

CHEERS to JG Jones for the awesome James Bond homage cover for 52 #49, featuring Will Magnus and the Metal Men.

CHEERS to Grant Morrison for Zibarro.

CHEERS to Warren Ellis for the photograph gimmick in this week's Fell. Quite clever (and perpetual CHEERS to Ben Templesmith for his artwork).

JEERS, though, to Ellis, for not exactly following the gimmick the whole issue. It was kinda distracting.

CHEERS to the return of Madman! What a beautiful looking first issue by Mike Allred!

JEERS to New X-Men #37's for the pages drawn by Skottie Young, but...

CHEERS to New X-Men #37 for the pages drawn by Niko Henrichon.

JEERS to the Spectre story from Tales of the Unexpected. Each month, they are awful. I think this is pretty clearly the worst work that David Lapham has ever done, and Lapham wrote a couple of issues of the DARKNESS, for crying out loud!

CHEERS, though, to the Dr. 13 story from Tales of the Unexpected, in particular, Cliff Chiang's artwork. Why isn't he doing something higher profile?!

JEERS to the lettering in Gen 13 #7. Lordy, purple "handwriting" style letters? Highly distracting.

CHEERS to Mahmud A. Asrar, artist of Dynamo 5. Damn, does Jay Faerber have an eye for talent!

JEERS to the coloring/printing process of this week's Thunderbolts. Das Boot had better lighting.

CHEERS to Jonathan Hickman's art in Nightly News...I forget if I supported him or Scherberger back in CBR Comic Idol...

JEERS, in the loosest sense, to a typo in the latest issue of Nightly News, unless one of the folks in the issue became President of NBC News at the age of 17...hehe.

CHEERS to Gabrielle Bell, for telling a full, compelling story on ONE page of this week's MOME.

JEERS and CHEERS to Adrian Tomine, for doing an excellent job of detailing the exploits of one of the most irritating protagonists in comics, Ben Tanaka...(that was a facetious jeer, for the record)

JEERS to the artwork of Superman #661 last week. I totally understand that most likely, Richard Howell and Eduardo Barreto had, like, ten minutes to complete the issue's artwork, but boy, was it unpleasant.

CHEERS to the second printing covers for Marvel's Back in Black comics...amusing homages. I like seeing effort put into second printings, and not just sketches of the original cover's art...

JEERS to this week's Back in Black Official Guide to Marvel Universe Handbook, because it reminds me that there are people out there who have been waiting for Delilah to get a Handbook entry...

CHEERS to the twist in Two Guns #1, but...

JEERS to the ending of the first issue, which didn't give us a lead-in to the next issue.

CHEERS to Marc Sumerak, for his fun Hulk and Power Pack mini-series.

JEERS to DC for screwing over Mark Verheiden's Superman/Batman storyline. What was it, five different artists for a six-part storyline?

CHEERS to Michael Ryan's art on Joss Whedon's first issue of Runaways. Marked improvement. Impressive.

Oh, a belated CHEERS to Craig Boldman, for a moving story in Betty and Veronica #225. One of those stories where you play with the audience's expectations based on what they "know" about the characters. Good stuff.

That's all, folks!

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