Comic Book Cheers and Jeers for 7/16

Here are a bunch of cheers and jeers from me, mostly having to do with this week's new releases!

There will most likely be some spoilers...otherwise, enjoy!

CHEERS to a new Martha Washington comic book coming out.

JEERS to the new Martha Washington comic book basically being a promo for the upcoming trade release of Martha Washington.

CHEERS, though, to Martha Washington as a whole. Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons rule.

JEERS to the killer in Stormwatch PHD #9. Granted, Christos Gage gave himself some breathing room by specifically noting that the killer's mental faculties might have been compromised a bit, but even so, it seemed pretty silly to see this character go the extremes that took place in the issue. "No, I just meant to nicely lobotomize him! I didn't know that might hurt him!" Silly.

CHEERS to the frenetic pace of the second part of the Sinestro Corps storyline in the Green Lantern books.

JEERS to the amount of times Hal Jordan is referred to as the greatest Green Lantern in the latest issue. I think it was about 112 times.

CHEERS to the idea that at least we all know that Parallax is a temporary thing, and that's made pretty clear IN the comic, too.

JEERS to the latest issue of Veronica, which makes promises on the cover about Veronica's secrets being exposed, but only the opening story really uses the idea to any good effect.

CHEERS to Mike Allred for trying to draw pretty much every other panel in the latest Madman in the style of a different artist.

JEERS to the actual finished project, which really didn't read all that well. But identifying the artists he is homaging is fun!!

CHEERS to the artwork on the interiors of Consumed #1, the latest comic from Platinum Studios. Dennis Budd and Joe Caramanga do a great job.

JEERS to the artwork on the exterior of Consumed #1. I don't mind Joe Linser's proclivity for posteriors that much, really, so long as it makes some sense. The cover of Consumed, however, does NOT feature a...ahem...zoftig woman, and yet, there she is on the cover drawn that way.

CHEERS to the title of the second Nextwave hardcover - "I Kick Your Face."

JEERS to the entire concept of the "Gamma Corps." Rarely do you see a more blatant "yeah, this is for this crossover, and you'll probably never see these characters again" comic than this one.

CHEERS to Yanick Paquette's Psylocke in the latest Ultimate X-Men.

JEERS to most of the rest of the issue. Seriously, Ultimate Stryfe and Ultimate Zero now? LAME!!

CHEERS to Burnout in the latest Gen13 getting more character development by Gail Simone in one issue than Burnout got in years of old Gen13 comics.

JEERS, though, for the "rasta" part of Burnout's origin. I get that Simone specifically has Burnout point out that things didn't change for him as soon as he heard Bob Marley on the radio - but that's basically the gist of the plot. He hears Bob Marley and is almost instantly transformed. Seemed quite silly, which was out of place in a dramatic flashback sequence to Burnout's youth.

CHEERS to the nice character work Geoff Johns did in the latest Justice Society of America with Citizen Steel and his family. Quite cute.

JEERS to how long we've had to wait for this issue of Nexus!!

CHEERS to the latest Nexus, which may actually have been worth the wait!!

JEERS to the introduction in the latest Superman of Squad K. I think the idea of a government team designed around stopping Superman when/if he ever becomes controlled by an outside force is a good one, but it seems out of place in the middle of the big Arion storyline in Superman.

CHEERS to Denise Mina's Hellblazer, which is now completely available in trades. Yay!

That's all for now! Maybe I'll add a few more before Wednesday!!

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