Comic Book Cheers and Jeers for 6/21

Has it really been a MONTH since the last one of these things? Dang...I guess I ought to give myself a JEER for that! Okay, here are a bunch of cheers and jeers from me, mostly having to do with recent comics!

There will most likely be some spoilers...otherwise, enjoy!

CHEERS to Wally West returning

JEERS to Bart Allen being killed by basically being kicked to death (after catching a blast of cold, fire and lightning, granted, but still!). That was awfully lame.

Double JEERS to the systematic ruination of a good character in Bart Allen. Forget killing him. Killing him is one of the NICER things they've done to the character since Impulse's title ended.

"A fun character? Let's shoot him in the kneecaps!" "Now let's make him super-serious." "Now let's age him and take away any vestige of a personality!" "Now let's give him a good writer, just in time to KILL him!"

Wow, that's pretty messed up, huh?

CHEERS MAJOR cheers to Christos Gage and John Paul Leon for one of the best "done in one" issues I've read in awhile from Marvel and DC, Midnighter #8, which is about Midnighter trying to find a little girl's lost cat. SOOO awesome. Buy it, people!!! Probably the best issue Gage has written so far in comics.

JEERS to the whole "just inventing new personalities" tact of New Warriors #1. Why not just create new characters?

CHEERS to Don MacPherson on his continued excellent annotations for the JLA/JSA crossover.

JEERS to Countdown, just in general.

CHEERS to Jason Pearson on all the personality he puts into the faces of the characters on his Loners covers for Marvel.

As an example, just check out his drawings of the face of one character, Turbo, on each of the covers...

Naturalistic and cartoony at the SAME time! Impressive work by Pearson. We need to see more interior work from him!

JEERS to the fact that the last time Pearson did interior work, it was for Body Bags. Why, Mr. Pearson, why?!?!?!

CHEERS to Andy Diggle's Hellblazer run (so far). It is a great look at John Constantine's skills as a con man/magician. Especially his quick thinking. Very enjoyable stuff, with the usual great artwork from Manco.

JEERS to the latest issue of Iron Man, for basically being the same story as World War Hulk #1, only from Iron Man's perspective. LAME!! Way to make the book worthwhile there!

CHEERS to Gail Simone bringing Ice back, thereby correcting one of Mark Waid's biggest mistakes (he already corrected the other one, bringing the Rogues back from the dead)!

JEERS to Rusty Noble being acquitted in Noble Causes. Rarely will you see a more open and shut case than that! I mean, I can think of some clever defenses (maybe "a villain took over Rusty's robot body"), but the book didn't show us HOW he was acquitted, and I do not like that.

CHEERS to Brian Azzarello for the little people soldiers in Deathblow pretending to be his children. So wrong...but so right.

JEERS to Star Wars Legacy, slightly, for the sheer amount of new characters they keep introducing. It is a bit difficult to keep them all straight, as it seems like the book is written like we know these characters already, ya know?

CHEERS to Steven Butler for his redesign of the male characters of Riverdale. A huge improvement over the female characters from the first issue (who still look weird).

JEERS, though, to the storyline with the redesigned characters. Holy crap, Melanie J. Morgan's story is just awful! The dialogue is ridiculously poor, the plot is entirely unbelievable (the "bad boy" is the worst cliche of a bad boy, and it just makes Veronica look like a complete idiot for not thinking otherwise). Really, it's not THAT hard to make this exact storyline, only make it make sense. It's like Morgan has just simply decided to not put the slightest bit of effort into the story. It's really that bad.

CHEERS to Re-Gifters. Such a great book. I'll try to have a review up soon.

JEERS to Gen13 actually re-doing the original Rainmaker/Fairchild "Rainmaker coming on to Fairchild" thing, this time with an almost full-page kiss! Total Cousin Larry trick.

CHEERS to Gen13, though, for getting a nice "Executioner during Simonson's Thor" moment with Lynch and Roxy's "mother." Very nice bit.

JEERS to Amanda Waller being such an antagonist in Checkmate. Making Amanda Waller a bad guy is just so lazy.

CHEERS to Ed Brubaker for having Matt's new partner apologize for getting Matt into the Gladiator mess. It was a minor detail, but one that I think is very nice to have addressed. Not many writers would have thought to include it.

JEERS to Slaymaster still being around in Exiles.

So lame.

CHEERS to Marc Sumerak for thinking up the whole "Energizer soaking up Hulk's gamma radiation." Clever AND cute.

JEERS to the latest Ghost Rider only tying into World War Hulk on, like, the last couple of pages. It was a good issue on its own, but fake tie-ins are annoying. What is the term for them? "Red sky" crossovers, right? LAME!

CHEERS to PS238 #23 for finally coming out with an issue of PS238 that is new reader friendly! Folks, if you have any interest in a school for superhero children, give PS238 #23 a shot!

JEERS to the whole Skrull thing in Avengers.

CHEERS to Tania Del Rio for having Sabrina reveal her witch nature to Harvey in the latest issue. It's a good idea, and I don't think it really runs the risk of ruining their relationship, even if they end up not together.

JEERS to the X-Men: Endangered Species one-shot. It was like the well-written first part of a comic book, where people talk before something happens...only nothing happened!!! There's more plot advancement in the Curtis comic strip!

CHEERS to the last issue of Nova, which so nicely summarized why Robbie Baldwin as Penance makes, well, little to no sense.

JEERS to the people who are freaking out about Lynn Johnston's decision to pair Elizabeth with Anthony. Yeah, the match-up IS a bit odd, but what the heck, people!!

CHEERS My pal Jake wants to give this JEERS, but I say CHEERS to the editor's notes in the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

JEERS, ever so slightly, to Faryl Dalrymple's story in Superior Showcase #2. It was basically just a standard superhero comic, only with a goofy-looking guy. I was hoping for something a little more clever than a Batman story, just with a goofy-looking guy instead of Batman.

CHEERS to Greg Pak's reasoning for Angel siding with Hulk. Having him basically be forced into doing it was very clever on Pak's part.

That's all I gots!

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