Comic Book Cheers and Jeers for 4/29

The following are a bunch of cheers and jeers from me for the past two weeks of comic books!

There will most likely be some spoilers...otherwise, enjoy!

CHEERS to Dennis Calero, who is really hitting a stride now as an artist. I knew all he needed to do was get away from that big dumb wolf head in X-Factor! Check out this week's JSA Classified. Sweet artwork.

JEERS to the World War III one-shots. Wow, those were awful. I don't blame the writers involved (as I think both men, Keith Champagne and John Ostrander, are fine writers), because the concept of the one-shots were just god-awful. "Come up with explanations why these X amount of characters did Y! No, no, it doesn't have to make sense, just so long as character X ends up in position Y!" So lame.

CHEERS, though, to the strong artwork in the World War III one-shots, including some very nice work by Andy Smith (who tends to be a bit too much of Bart Sears-lite for my tastes, but not here).

JEERS to how rushed the ending of the Connor Hawke mini-series was. How poorly paced was that? You have SIX issues to tell the story, but major events in the last issue had to be done off-panel. Lame.

CHEERS to Don MacPherson, for providing annotations to Justice League of America #8 at his website, Eye on Comics, here.

JEERS to Justice League of America, for even possibly requiring annotations.

CHEERS to Bart Simpsons Comics #35, for a fun story where they show how to a real-life scientific "prank." I love when comics do stuff like, "Look, kids, you can try this trick out!" That is, of course, if you actually CAN suck a hard-boiled egg into a bottle using cold water. If not, then LAME!

JEERS to Nightwing Annual #2, for not giving much of a reason for why Barbara and Dick are no longer engaged. But that's not that big of a deal, as that isn't the sole reason the annual existe...oh wait, that IS the only reason the annual existed? OOPS.

DOUBLE JEERS to Nightwing Annual #2, for this super creepy scene where Dick shows up to visit Barbara after she got shot, has sex with her, then tries to sneak out in the morning and leaves her a (pardon the profanity that follows) FUCKING INVITATION TO HIS UPCOMING WEDDING TO STARFIRE!!! It is dumb enough that they had sex, but to sneak out and leave her an invitation to your wedding?! Wow, that's awfully lame.

Speaking of the whole Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon, retroactive JEERS to DC of the late 80s/early 90s for being so darned compartmentalized that there never WAS a reaction by Dick Grayson to Barbara Gordon being shot. And no reaction from Dick when Bruce's back was broken. I get the whole "letting Dick do his own thing" deal, but that was a bit much.

CHEERS to Fabian Nicieza for this "Bob the Hydra Guy" character in Cable & Deadpool. Funny stuff.

JEERS to Fabian Nicieza for feeling the need to address continuity issues from Joe Kelly's run on Deadpool. You know, the run that ended almost EIGHT years ago! I have absolutely no doubt that there are folks out there who really wanted to see T-Ray's plot resolved - but ignore them, Mr. Nicieza! Ignore them!! That way Johns-ian madness lies!

CHEERS to Marvel Adventures: Avengers #12, for having Ego the Living Planet come by to try to pick Earth up. "I was just cruisin' through your little system here and I said to myself, "WHO is that fine blue number three over there sporting the ice caps?"

JEERS to Girls for ending the series worse than I even imagined, considering how poor the first 23 issues were.

CHEERS, though, to Girls for at least getting rid of that one really, really irritating character. The lady who reacted unlike anyone would ever react, but we were supposed to see as an example of "what would happen if people were left to their own devices." So lame.

JEERS to the cover of Justice Society of America #5 for not even SLIGHTLY hinting that it was part two of a crossover with Justice League of America.

You know, that crossover with DC's HIGHEST-SELLING title? Nah, why would the book want to promote THAT?

At least Sand was heavily featured in the issue.

CHEERS, though, to the issue itself. A good piece of writing by Geoff Johns (and a significant improvement over the first part of the crossover), and I especially enjoyed artist Fernando Pararini's "throwback" style of art.

JEERS to the half-assed ending given to Firestorm. I get that he's going to be part of Countdown, but it just seems like a disservice to Dwayne McDuffie to make him write such a limited story arc.

CHEERS to Andy Diggle, for opening his Hellblazer arc quite strongly, with Constantine coming up with a brilliantly last second con job to save himself - and it appears that Diggle has the book set up for some good future issues, too.

JEERS to the complaints about Black Panther and Silver Surfer's altercation in this week's Fantastic Four. Is it silly that Black Panther would even be able to pin Silver Surfer's arm behind his back? Yeah, kinda, but that's about it - everything else Black Panther says is totally moot as we didn't actually see any proof that he could do anything but pin Silver Surfer's arm behind his back for a few seconds.

CHEERS to Nemesis actually using his disguise skills in this week's Wonder Woman!

DOUBLE CHEERS for Sarge Steel being revealed to be an imposter. I was really afraid we were going to see another Max Lord deal. "Eh, who cares about him? Let's just make him a psycho villain!"

A mixture of JEERS and CHEERS to the whole Ted Kord ret-con thing DC has going on. Besides Gail Simone's tribute (as Beetle WAS a Birds of Prey supporting cast member) to Ted, these other writers who are going overboard having characters express their deep love/admiration for Ted Kord is just getting a bit silly. I mean, I appreciate John Rogers (this week's Blue Beetle, having Guy Gardner talk about how great Ted Kord was) and Marc Andreyko (having Wonder Woman talk about how great Ted Kord was) trying to make up for the lameness that was Countdown to Infinite Crisis, but there's no unringing that bell. DC had an issue that was built entirely around the concept of every notable DC hero being a dick to Blue Beetle, so this retroactive "he was awesome" stuff just seems silly. I appreciate the sentiment, though, hence the mixed bag of JEERS and CHEERS.

CHEERS to Paul Cornell for his Widsom mini-series, which gave us John the Skrull, a Skrull who was part of a planned invasion of Earth by impersonating the Beatles, which fell apart when the four Skrulls decided to disband (although they often call each up to talk about re-uniting to do the invasion).

JEERS to Chris Claremont for trying to convince us that the Slaymaster is badass.

CHEERS to David Tischman for making this Star Trek: The Next Generation series he is writing for IDW totally feel like the various Next Generation eras it is set in. It's a neat trick.

JEERS, though, for the concept of the series not being explained. Why not just have a bit on the inside front cover, where it says "These are the tales that slipped between the cracks, hence the title being called 'The Space Between'"?

CHEERS to the 52 crew for Mister Mind hatching from Skeets.

That's all, folks!

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