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Comic Book Cheers and Jeers for 1/9

by  in Comic News Comment
Comic Book Cheers and Jeers for 1/9

Here are a bunch of cheers and jeers from me, mostly having to do with last week’s comic releases, although there are some mixed in that are older than that, and there’s one about today’s new release – The Hulk #1!!!

There will most likely be some spoilers…otherwise, enjoy!

CHEERS to Jeph Loeb, for writing one of the strongest issues he’s written in awhile for Hulk #1. CHEERS, too, to Ed McGuinness for a strong first issue, art-wise. The best part of the first issue was definitely McGuinness’ art. It is fun to watch him draw Doc Samson, Iron Man, She-Hulk and some Soviet heroes.

JEERS to the killing of Abomination in the first issue. Is that, like, now a THING for Loeb? The first issue, you kill off a major character? What is the point, exactly, in killing off the Abomination? He obviously is not going to stay dead, so what is the point? I don’t even mind the idea of having the Hulk kill an established character. I understand why that might be useful for this story – to show that this Hulk is a lot different than past Hulks. But come on, just have it be some negligible character, not one people are actually going to want to USE in the future!

CHEERS, though, to the last page. McGuinnes utterly NAILED the last page.

JEERS to Countdown: Arena. I was hoping there would be some surprises – there were none.

CHEERS, though, to Keith Champagne for his Atom fill-in, with nifty Jerry Ordway art. I will not blame Champagne for Arena, because it was just an awful project to begin with, and as the latest issue of Atom shows, Champagne CAN write well.

JEERS to the whole destruction of basically ANOTHER of the 52 worlds in the latest Countdown, including the classy “having Jean Loring burned to a crisp in front of the Atom” bit.

CHEERS to the entire creative team of Jonah Hex #27 – that was a great issue, introducing Star Man – a man who hunts down, kills, and collects the badges of dirty cops.

JEERS to the dearth of content in Giant-Size Avengers Special #1. At least the reprints were pretty good.

CHEERS again to the idea of Supergirl having her memories of Krypton. It is a really nice twist for the character, to give her something that makes her a lot different from Superman.

JEERS to Ghost Rider being an angel. What the heck?

CHEERS to Paul Dini for writing a very neat little issue of Detective Comics, which also features the new art team of Nguyen and Fridolfs, and they look GREAT.

JEERS to the return of Ra’s Al Ghul finish up as a storyline, and then, right away, for Ra’s to be locked away in Arkham! It seemed like a bit of a false start, no?

CHEERS to Christos Gage for doing such a marvelous job approximating the “voices” of the various titles he did an “Armageddon” one-shot for (where different cast members from Wildstorm comics are shown a glimpse of an apocalyptic future), especially the Welcome to Tranquility one-shot. Gail Simone has a very unique voice on that comic, so Gage’s ability to approximate it was quite impressive.

JEERS to how weirdly whiny Gage makes a lot of the Stormwatch characters seem in the current Authority/Stormwatch crossover mini-series. It read sorta meta, as we all know Warren Ellis did not exactly give the Stormwatch crew a nice send-off when he grew disinterested in them and interested in doing Authority, but to see the characters whine about how The Authority treated them – it was pretty strange, especially the crazy position that even though the Authority was responsible for SAVING ALL OF THEIR LIVES, that doesn’t count, because it was specifically one member of Authority who did that. Two different characters give almost the same argument, word for word. Authority member says, “Why are you so pissed at us? We saved your lives!” Stormwatch member says, “That wasn’t you, that was The Doctor (who is a member of…The Authority)!”

It’s like someone bitching at Superman because when the Justice League showed up to save the day, it was Green Lantern who specifically saved the person.

Just an odd deal all around.

CHEERS to Joss Whedon for coming up with some pretty amusing sexual fantasies for Buffy and Willow in the latest issue of Buffy. I especially liked the two different versions of Christian Bale showing up.

JEERS to Loki being a woman. Change for the sake of change?

CHEERS to the new Batman villain – The Globe. A big round guy who steals ancient maps, etc.

JEERS to the latest issue of GI Joe charging $5.50, and for what? For a bunch of extra PROFILE pages in the back! That’s right, an extra two bucks so you can read the backgrounds of a bunch of new Cobra characters. LAME!

CHEERS to a strong first issue of Teen Titans Year One, especially the fanTAStic Karl Kerschl artwork.

JEERS to the whole “Batman is acting out of character!” argument. When a dude is clearly being mind-controlled, I really don’t think there’s much of an argument for any of their actions being “out of character,” even if they do something as unsettling as having Batman smack Robin. If it is clear that something is wrong with Batman (and it is), then I think such a scene is acceptable, even if it possibly gets CLOSE to the “in bad taste” line.

CHEERS to Repo, which was another excellent series by Rick Spears.

JEERS to the idea of the Avengers West Coast voting Machine Man as a reserve member. Did they ever explain where that vote came from, and what the logic was?

CHEERS to J. Torres’ 50th issue celebration in Teen Titans Go, which sets up (in a cute way) the concept of Teen Titans Unlimited.

JEERS to some confusion in the latest JLA Classified as to when the comic was meant to be set. Was it BEFORE Lois knew who Superman was? It seems that way, but Linda Park is dating Wally in the comic, so that confused me.

CHEERS to Doll Man, in Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, having a good explanation for seeming to be a bad guy.

JEERS to the idea of reprinting the wedding of Peter and Mary Jane in the issue that the wedding is erased from history.

CHEERS to Vinyl Underground, for a strong conclusion of the first story arc.

JEERS to anniversary issues that involve heroes getting armor (Catwoman #50, Batman #500 and Web of Spider-Man #100 all come to mind).

CHEERS to Jack of Fables for using Hawkeye as a reluctant bad guy.

JEERS to the fact that Neron and Felix Faust are both back in the game so soon after Ralph Dibney gave up his life in 52 to trap them both “for good.”

CHEERS to the idea of doing a Spanish edition of a comic book (Marvel’s FF: Isla De La Muerte). What a great idea!

JEERS to this upcoming “Blue Beetle is back!” storyline in Booster Gold. It is bad enough that they killed the guy off, but to then be all, “He HAS to die, or else it will ruin history!” is annoying.

That’s it for this installment!

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