Comic Book Cheers and Jeers for 12/31

Here are some cheers and jeers, mostly for comics that came out last week.

There will most likely be some spoilers...otherwise, enjoy!

CHEERS, of course, to this week's issue of Batman. I already wrote that I thought it was good, so the cheers should not be much of a surprise, but hey, can't hurt to make it clear, right?

JEERS, of a sort, to the art on the comic, though. Lee Garbett actually does a good job on the book (and I like Garbett's work, really, I do), but to think that, if the rumors are not true about Morrison returning to Batman (with Frank Quitely in tow for at least an arc!), then Morrison's last issue of Batman will have been drawn by...Lee Garbett? Just sounds wrong, doesn't it? Possibly the last story of his run on Batman and its done by a fill-in artist?

CHEERS to Duane Swierczynski and Tim Green for the latest issue of Immortal Iron Fist. It's a one-off story set in the future with the Iron Fist of the future and it is amazing. It's hard to beat a 24-year-long punch, coolness-wise.

JEERS to Billy Tan's artwork in this week's New Avengers. It was quite bad. Of particular awfulness was his take on the new Captain America - it just sort of popped off the page with awfulness. It was bad enough that it honestly took me out of the story for a moment as I adjusted to how bad Cap looked.

Some JEERS to the story of the latest issue of New Avengers, too. Particularly the part where Iron Fist quits the team, is in the room when they find out that his namesake, the daughter of his best friend, is missing - and then he isn't shown helping to look for her so that we could get a full-page spread of the new line-up of the Avengers? Huh?

CHEERS to this latest part of Lady Bullseye in Daredevil. If this is how Brubaker is going to write Milla out, then cheers to that. But overall, it was a great issue with a goodly balance of action and character development. Great art from Lark and Gaudiano, too.

Extra CHEERS to Daredevil for making it look like White Tiger is not DEAD dead. I could see her dying, I can't see her AND Black Tarantula dying.

CHEERS to Audrey Loeb's Hulk short stories at the back of Hulk with Red Hulk, Green Hulk and Blue Hulk. Very cute stuff every time around. CHEERS also to the neat Christmas covers Marvel came up with as Variants for the latest issue of Hulk. Finally, CHEERS to Art Adams' artwork on his Hulk story arc. Man, Adams is amazing.

JEERS to the last issue of the Flash. Talk about going out with a whimper. I surely don't blame the creative team (any more than I blamed Joey Cavalieri for the last story arc on Flash before Infinite Crisis, which was EERILY similar to this last issue of Flash), as this seemed to reek of "wrap this up quick and make sure to keep everything REALLY open-ended!").

JEERS to the new Wonder Woman villain, Genocide. I'm not saying you can't work in the atrocities of Darfur, Auschwitz and World War II-era Croatia into a comic book. Of course you can. But to work them all into the origin of something as goofy as Genocide - a Doomsday riff who looks like a sillier version of Jimmy Olsen as Turtle Boy? Not a good idea.

JEERS, in fact, to Genocide, period. Forget the fact that Genocide is made up of soil from Darfur, Auschwitz and World War II-era Croatia. Toss that out. If you forget that, Genocide is still a Doomsday riff who looks like a sillier version of Jimmy Olsen as Turtle Boy.

Doomsday is already a silly concept - to out-silly Doomsday is not a good thing.

ESPECIALLY when the current storyline is being sold as super serious (heck, make that super DUPER serious). You know it's serious, because Wonder Girl and Donna Troy spend most of the issue standing around telling us how serious it is.

CHEERS, though, to the super sweet Frank Quitely variant cover for the issue! It thankfully did not feature Genocide on it.

CHEERS to the monkey in a dress doing the dance for Number 5 in this week's Umbrella Academy. Delightfully bizarre (in a book that's far from super duper serious).

JEERS or CHEERS, I really don't know where I'm going with Hank Pym taking on the heroic identity of the Wasp. It's a tough call. I think I am going to go with a tentative cheer.

Definite CHEER, though, for Dan Slott's work with Jocasta. There's a lot to work with there, so it's nice to see him go for it.

JEERS, of a sort, to Synarr from Rann/Thanagar: Holy War. I mean, I can't really begrudge Starlin too much for wanting to continue writing Thanos, as Thanos is a cool character...but man, this is getting a bit silly now, no?

CHEERS to Eric Wight for the Buffy Animated Series part of the latest issue of Buffy. Top-notch work.

CHEERS to the great Jo Chen cover, as well.

Heck, let's give Jeph Loeb some CHEERS, too, for the story for the issue in question.

JEERS, though, to Loeb's Ultimatum #2, which was a step-up from the first issue of the series, but mostly in the way ____ is a step up from ______ (fill in your own snark!).

CHEERS to Fred Van Lente's brilliant re-imagining of Hank Pym's origin in Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #6. He actually made Ant-Man funny and charming - wow! Nice art from Matthew Loli on the issue, too.

JEERS and CHEERS to this week's Scooby Doo, as it has an incredible take-off on It's a Wonderful Life starring Shaggy (if it were not for the gang, lots of people would be run off their land by bad guys). Very well told. The jeers are for the fact that it's a reprint from LAST YEAR! That is a bit quick to be reprinting a story - even one as good as this. And yes, I know that the hope is that the kids reading Scooby last year are going to be replaced by new kids this year, but still, it seems soon anyways.

CHEERS to this week's time-traveling Thor story. I am not a huge fan of JMS on this book so far (although Coipel has been ay-MAY-zing to this point), but this one-off issue was a clever look at Loki using time travel to manipulate his own past in clever ways. Coipel getting to draw Loki as a man for the first time is a delight - he captured Loki's essence perfectly.

CHEERS to Daniel Way's latest issue of Wolverine Origins. He almost made me interested in Daken.

JEERS to Daken - on principle.

Okay, that's it for this week!

Have a Cheerful New Year, folks!

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