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Comic Book Cheers and Jeers for 12/21

by  in Comic News Comment
Comic Book Cheers and Jeers for 12/21

I know you’ve missed this feature, so here ya go! Here are a bunch of cheers and jeers from me, mostly having to do with this week’s new releases (but not all!)!

There will most likely be some spoilers…otherwise, enjoy!

CHEERS to Matt Wagner, for somehow being able to write a brand-new story about Hunter Rose without it feeling like a rehash (A “take it for granted” cheers for Wagner’s always amazing artwork).

JEERS to the lack (so far) of much of a point to Messiah Complex as a whole. Someone had a great line (I’m paraphrasing, as I don’t recall where I read it) – Endangered Species had a point to it, but nothing really happened in any of the chapters…Messiah Complex has a lot happen in each chapter, but it’s all quite pointless.

“Oh NO! Not CALIBAN!!!!!!! How could you kill CALIBAN?!?!!?”

It seems that the general point is to get the X-Books all set-up for their respective new status quos, which may be good for the book themselves, but it doesn’t make Messiah Complex any better of a read.

CHEERS to DC for having a comic where part of the comic is drawn by Jeremy Haun and another part of it is drawn by David Hahn. Next, Frank Miller and Mark Millar need to write a comic together.

JEERS to DC for not getting a new cover for Batman and the Outsiders #3, instead using the Eric Battle cover that was drawn for an entirely different #3, with the end result being a cover that did not even REMOTELY fit the story in Outsiders #3 (for one, Martian Manhunter is no longer in the comic).

CHEERS to Rex the Wonder Dog’s appearance in this week’s Shadowpact. It was very well handled. Heck, cheers to the whole issue – including Kieron Dwyer’s excellent artwork.

JEERS to the idea of wasting all these worlds (of which DC only has 52) for ridiculous story ideas in Arena – like “the world where Blue Beetle is really a giant bug” or whatever.

CHEERS to Peter Tomasi’ first issue of Green Lantern Corps, which was a strong issue for a book with little plot development (Tomasi even managed to successfully deal with Ice’s return to Guy Gardner in a convincing manner, even though I’d prefer her to just come to outer space with Guy).

JEERS to Arena, also, for having Apollo be considered an alternate version of the RAY!!!

CHEERS to Patrick Zircher’s artwork on Terror, Inc. It continues to impress me a lot.

JEERS to the abrupt ending of the Ra’s Al Ghul storyline in the Batman books. The whole thing seemed like it was just set-up for future plot-lines. That, sadly, seems to be about 75% of all comic crossovers nowadays.

CHEERS to David Tischman for his clever usage of having a character beat death in the latest issue of Star Trek: Year Four.

JEERS to the latest issue of Justice League of America being a promo for some upcoming Tangent mini-series. Meanwhile, Jeers to Red Arrow beating up one of the most powerful Tangent heroes off-panel.

CHEERS to Chuck Dixon’s classic Simpsons style of storytelling in the latest issue of The Simpsons, as Dixon cleverly takes us from one plot to the next, with the first plot unexpectedly setting up the second one. It’s a classic Simpsons episode maneuver, and it worked well in comic form.

JEERS to the whole Psylocke/Cypher “almost sorta kinda” romance.

That was Mary Kay Letourneau scary.

CHEERS to Kyle Baker for giving us something as outrageous and as beautifully drawn as Special Forces (#2 might have been better than #1, even!).

JEERS to the whole concept of House of M: Avengers. I thought with such a great creative team, it would be something of note – but instead, it’s filling in the blanks on ciphers from a story from two years ago. At least House of M Misty Knight is not being forced to fight Ultimate Misty Knight and the regular Marvel Universe Misty Knight to the death in some stadium.

CHEERS , BIG ones, for the latest issue of Umbrella Academy. Such a great new comic book. I am not familiar with My Chemical Romance, and, to be frank, I am a bit doubtful that being a good songwriter means that you would be a good comic book writer, but damn, can Gerard Way write! It doesn’t hurt that he has Gabriel Bá rocking the comic artistically.

JEERS to the whole “New Earth” thing. It sounds so corny, and it will only sound worse as time goes by.

CHEERS to Greg Rucka for the latest Checkmate issue. The book reads a lot better when he is not ripping on Amanda Waller every issue.

JEERS (slight ones) to the last issue of the Metamorpho mini-series, which ends with Rex watching Sapphire Stagg cuddle with some bo hunk in front of him. How does it follow that Sapphire would do that? It’s not like she didn’t know he was there! So what’s the deal?

CHEERS to Andi Watson’s Glister, for being so continually awesome.

JEERS to the lack of a reveal of Beast being alive in Ultimate X-Men. In the latest issue, he reveals himself to the X-Men who thought he was dead, but if they were surprised to see their fallen comrade alive, we don’t know, because it happened off-panel. Unless they already know he is alive from a previous issue, in which case, the Jeer goes to me!!

CHEERS to John Ostrander for bringing back William Hell in Suicide Squad.

JEERS (tentatively) to Ostrander for the whole “You’re not really Rick Flag!” bit in the latest Suicide Squad issue. I find it hard to believe that this can amount to anything worthwhile (but I do tend to trust Ostrander, so it’s just tentatively jeers now)

CHEERS to Michael Green’s first issue of Superman/Batman. I’ll try to do a full review later.

JEERS to Connor Hawke’s death. You don’t get much more pointless, death-wise, then getting blasted by a laser from the sky. And again, SHOCKINGLY, the storyline appears to not even be going address in the actual pages of Green Arrow/Black Canary.

CHEERS to the Frank Frazetta cover series from Conan. A well done package containing a very nice comic by Cary Nord and Kurt Busiek.

JEERS to Leinil Francis Yu’s art in the latest issue of New Avengers. There were times in the big fight scene where I don’t think Yu even really knew what was going on. He is truly amazing in his capacity to either be really awesome or really…you know, not awesome.

CHEERS to Marvel for a quick printing of corrected versions of X-Men: First Class #6. It took them less than a month to get them out! Good work.

JEERS to Mike Pellowski for doing a funny Betty and Veronica story (the girls get backstage passes to a famous rock band, but discover that the guys are not like their public personas), but one involving, as the rock band, a satire of the Rolling freakin’ Stones (young versions of them, of course)!!! Come on, try to stay a LITTLE current!

CHEERS , though, to Kathleen Webb, in the same issue, pulling out both a cute “Veronica is so rich” story and an interesting study on Betty and Veronica’s friendship, where Betty dwells upon the fact that Veronica is both her best friend AND her worst enemy.

JEERS to Marvel, for replacing Frazer Irving’s awesome cover for this year’s Holiday Special with Ron Lim’s, well, not as awesome cover. LAME!!

That’s it for this installment!

Quick question – do you folks prefer that these things stay mostly about current stuff, or would you like me to sprinkle in more cheers and jeers from the past?

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