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Comic Book Cheers and Jeers for 1/17

by  in Comic News Comment
Comic Book Cheers and Jeers for 1/17

Here are some cheers and jeers, mostly for the comics that I’ve read so far this week (I still have a bunch more to read, including Umbrella Academy, which looks awwwwesome)!

There will most likely be some spoilers…otherwise, enjoy!

CHEERS to the cute “bullet through the goggles” bit in Booster Gold #6

JEERS to Maxwell Lord being a big supervillain. Seriously, such a dumb idea. I hated it when Gerry Jones did it, and I hated it when Johnuckanick did it (haven’t used that baby in awhile ;)).

CHEERS to seeing Jon Bogdanove getting some work (I was all set to correct my spelling when it turned out that I spelled it correctly on my first shot! Woo-hoo!) for DC.

JEERS to Predator-X. Seriously, what a weird idea, with an even weirder name.

CHEERS to Sword! It is so good to see a nice book from the Luna Brothers again! I’m totally cool with all the graphic violence – just so long as there’s some soul backing it up, and this book has some in spades. I especially loved how the lead character is honestly broken up over being accused of killing her family.

JEERS, ever so slightly, to how similar Luna Brothers faces are. I mean, if you give them something to go on, they seem to be able to draw a variety of faces – but when it’s on their own, it seems like they’ve got one or two fallback looks. Not that uncommon, of course, but still, worth a slight jeer, I think!

CHEERS to Ron Frenz’ facial work in Spider-Girl. It is really impressive – really evocative stuff – I especially loved the look on the assassin’s face early in the issue, and the smile on baby Ben when May was leaving for school.

JEERS to Mindworm. Not knocking his usage – just jeering him period. He weirds me out.

CHEERS, BIG TIME, to the artwork of Bing Cansino and Geirrod Van Dyke on Spawn #174. Holy hellspawn, was that some nice artwork! It was painted, but it flowed extremely well!

JEERS to the stereotypical yoots who attacked the new Witchblade in the latest issue of Witchblade. I sincerely hope they are all part of a plan by the guy that she met right before they attacked (you know, hire some guys to attack them, so they can bond together).

CHEERS to the latest issue of Checkmate. Again, Rucka is better when he doesn’t have to worry about sticking it to Waller every issue. A great issue, with excellent artwork by Chris Samnee, and if Rucka leaves this book when his deal with DC runs out, Trautmann seems capable of following Rucka’s footsteps.

JEERS, belated ones, to Rucka for having Montoya rip on Bullock in the latest issue of the Question. I still remember how irked I was when Montoya was all, “I can’t tell Harvey I’m gay.” LAME!! Then again, I should be nicer – it has got to be a bit annoying for Rucka to spend a lot of time (with Brubaker’s assistance) writing Bullock out of the comic completely, only to have him Superboy punched right back in.

CHEERS to Rucka adding the great Mike Barr character, the Bad Samaritan, to Checkmate, as the new White Bishop (going along with the Russian White Queen). And having Rocket Red being the White Knight was cute, and the whole differences between the Samaritan (who is from Georgia) taking issue with the White Queen and Rocket Red (who are Russian) was wonderfully handled.

JEERS to Rucka for killing the coolest Rocket Red of them all for basically no good reason. That death might actually have galled me more than Beetle’s, because at least there was SOME point to Beetle’s death (as cheap and as clumsy as it was).

CHEERS to the New Gods countdown special. Three Jack Kirby New Gods comics for $5 is a good deal, I say!! And a great Sook cover!

JEERS to making Catwoman tie in with Salvation Run. And double jeers for taking Deadshot out of the Suicide Squad to put him on the Salvation Run planet. And triple jeers for the concept of Salvation Run, period!

CHEERS to Bill Willingham for disassociating himself from Salvation Run quickly.

JEERS to Dan Slott for killing Spider-Man in the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man.


The issue ends with Spider-Man looking like he’s going to die! That will probably happen, right?

Just like how Booster Gold ended by saying Ted Kord is here to stay!


CHEERS to the latest issue of Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man by Fred Van Lente. High-larious.

Venom decides he wants to be Spider-Man’s sidekick – it all leads to a pretty darn funny punchline.

JEERS to me for being so mean with that Blue Beetle joke.

CHEERS to the debut issue of New Exiles, for making a nice step forward for the series.

JEERS to the same issue, for having WAY too much old continuity. What’s the point of having a #1 issue if so many plots from the past series (plus OTHER series) are going to be so important? This was not a great “jumping on point” for new readers, which is too bad, because there are enough intriguing new characters that Chris Claremont could have spent a lot more time developing all the NEW ideas he has introduced (by making the team almost entirely new), rather than go back to OLD plots (especially Diana Fox, from New Excalibur).

CHEERS to Tom Grummett’s art on the issue, though!

JEERS to the third straight Exiles story arc under Claremont that uses the Fantastic Four.

CHEERS to the “furry” discussion in the latest issue of Shadowpact. Funny stuff.

JEERS to the New Warriors, which consists of a bunch of established characters, but most of them neither look NOR ACT like the characters they are. What the heck is the point of using Beak and Angel if they do not LOOK like Beak and Angel and do not ACT like Beak and Angel. What the heck!??

And what’s up with Jubilee going on about how “this is the first time I’ve felt like I had a family, unlike when I was with the X-Men.” Like my pal Ben said when I mentioned the scene – “Foooooooorced.”

CHEERS to Macon Blair for a really good back-up story in the latest Avengers Classic (with nice Nick Dragotta artwork), where he has Rick Jones try to apply the lessons Cap has taught him to the dating world – with some interesting consequences.

JEERS to the Authority not having their own title. The longer they don’t have their own title, the more often they’re going to be used to make other characters look good, like in the latest Wildstorm: Revelations.

CHEERS, though, in general, to Wildstorm: Revelations so far. It has made me hate Nemesis a LITTLE bit less. And it has great Wes Craig artwork! Is he related to the fellow who draws the Ash/Freddy/Jason comic?

JEERS to the ending of the latest issue of Steve Niles’ Strange Cases. Could someone fill me in as to what was the point of ending on the scientist lady watching the dude kill all the Wendigos? I mean, I get that it was trying on her to see all that death in front of her eyes – but it still didn’t seem all that clear why you’d end the book there. But I’m sure there’s a fine reason why! Someone fill me in!

CHEERS to Steve Niles’ Strange Cases as a whole, though! Each issue has been very enjoyable so far. Well done by writer Dan Wickline and artist David Hartman. I liked the first two issues better, though, as they had endings that made sense to me.

JEERS to Flash’s kids. I’m sorry, Mr. Waid. I don’t mind Wally being married. I don’t mind him having kids, even. But the whole Incredibles riff, while a cute concept, just isn’t working for me.

CHEERSto the latest issue of Fallen Angel. Very strong issue by Peter David, and I especially loved Dolf’s role in the comic.

JEERS to Joyce Chin’s artwork in the latest Marvel Comics Presents.

CHEERS to Merrill Hagen’s story in the latest issue of Marvel Comics Presents.

That’s it so far!

Maybe I’ll come back later, when I finish the rest of the books!

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